Dealing with money through emotions versus a system – a Game Plan

Often when you wonder if you can afford something, our mind tends to ask questions like:
– do I really need it?
– is it worth the money?
– can we afford it?

And even if you don’t have money problems and FEEL that you are good at managing money, this still has a set back. Because it always refers to wether:
– you are worth it to have something or not
– wether or not you deserve it
– wether it is ‘wise’ to do this

And that is what I call ‘dealing with money through emotions.

Today’s episode is all about why you should use a system if it is growth and fulfillment you are after!

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Stay tuned. Next week we will deal with the fourth mistake: believing some ‘outside source is the problem and the answer’

Have an awesome week, speak soon!

xo Suze