“Nothing makes me happier than the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they see the light.”

— Suze Maclaine Pont, Business Coach & Trauma Therapist

“After a very intense and sad period in my life I was looking for an acceleration in my development and needed a helping hand to get there”

Three days filled with time and attention, a treasure; both for my personal and business development. Both Suze’s warmth and professional interventions as well as the other people in the group were a gift.

The seminar gave me exactly what I was looking for: an acceleration to dive back into my business & personal growth. And above all an enhanced zest for life and enjoyment of my true talents.

The seminar brought me way more than I could have imagined it to. To speak in terms of Michelin: worth the journey!”

— Karin Raes, Management Consultant, Raes Management Consultancy

“I have been in business for 25 years and did deep personal development for 35, …

… but working with Suze made me understand – for the first time in my life – what freedom REALLY is, and that I can choose whatever I want.”

— Rob Punselie, ContentKings.nl

“It is essential to get in touch with your mission,

… what it means for you and for others and what keeps you to go after it.”

— Doreen Woutersen

“For the short term? Combine being a single mom and growing my business without being scared and holding back. For the long term? To share my message with a wider audience.”

How do I choose for myself what’s important and can I push myself over my own limits?

— Maaike

“Getting closer to yourself, your mission, your vision and hearing from others that your talents matter.”

And then seeing that there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities to set up or extend a company or to use your talents to achieve what you want. (The nice thing is that I have helped others with this in my working life for years)

— Harriet