One-day Trauma Seminar

Beyond Repair



2 July  2024 | 9:30-17:00 | LIVE in VOORST & online on Zoom

deep trauma work shouldn’t focus on the trauma at all… So, what can we do instead?

What We Think It Needs

Trauma is often perceived as a problem in need of fixing. Society tells us that trauma can be healed with time, therapy, or simply by moving on. However, this approach overlooks the complexities of trauma and its profound impact on individuals.

How It’s Usually Treated

Traditional methods of addressing trauma often focus on surface-level solutions or quick fixes. Talk therapy, medication, and self-help techniques may provide temporary relief, but they fail to address the root causes of trauma or provide lasting healing.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Attempting to “fix” trauma without understanding its deep-rooted effects can lead to further distress and frustration. Trauma is not a simple puzzle to be solved or a wound to be bandaged, it is a multifaceted experience that requires a nuanced approach.

Why Masterclass ‘Beyond Repair’ Does Work

In the “Beyond Repair” Masterclass, we delve into the true nature of trauma and offer an alternative perspective. We talk about what trauma really is, how it shows up, why we think it needs fixing and why fixing doesn’t help. By exploring the four pillars of trauma—shame, fear, attachment, and dissociation—we uncover the underlying mechanisms that drive traumatic experiences.


  • Understanding Trauma: Explore the essence of trauma, its various forms, and how it manifests in individuals.
  • The Four Pillars: Discover the key components of trauma—shame, fear, attachment, and dissociation—and their profound influence.
  • Moving Beyond Fixing: Shift away from the notion of fixing trauma and embrace a different approach to healing.
  • Effective Strategies: Learn practical techniques for navigating trauma and supporting oneself or others on the journey toward healing.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone else’s eyes when they get it!”

Suze Maclaine Pont
Trauma Therapist & Business Coach


2 JULY 2024

Masterclass ‘Beyond Repair’ offers both in-person attendance in the Netherlands and online participation via Zoom.  Purchase of a ticket is mandatory for online access. There are limited spots! So sign-up NOW before YOUR SPOT is taken!

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✔ Access to the training

✔ Lunch, coffee & tea for in-person attendance

✔ Workbook


✔ 1:1 call with Sophie (English)



✔ Access to the training

✔ Lunch, coffee & tea for in-person attendance

✔ Workbook


✔ 1:1 call with Sophie (English)

✔ 1:1 call with Suze

✔ Recording of the training


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When and where is the Masterclass?

 We start at 9:30 in the morning and finish 17:00.

You can join the Masterclass in-person in Voorst, the Netherlands at our signature seminar room. You can also join online via Zoom, there will be a broadcast of the whole day.

Will the Masterclass be in English or in Dutch?

It will depend on who will sign-up for the Masterclass. If there will be an international person, then it will be in English. If there will be no international people, then the Masterclass could be in Dutch.

What if my English is not good?

No worries, Suze speaks both English and Dutch. So, you can always ask your questions in Dutch. Team Suze will also be there if you need help.

How can I ask my questions, if I'm joining on Zoom?

There will be a dedicated member from Suze’s team who will be at the Zoom at all times. They will collect your questions and pass them on to Suze.

Will there be a replay of the event?

Yes! If you will pay for a VIP ticket, we will send you the replay of the whole Masterclass.