“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone else’s eyes when they get it.”

— Suze Maclaine Pont, business mentor + financial harmonist

Hi, my name is Suze.
I’m a business coach and trauma therapist and I help entrepreneurs create Financial Harmony.

Through my seminars, online academy and public speaking I teach people to quit the hustle and embrace a life full of harmony, balance AND success in building your true dream business!

“I started my first business at 25.”

I started my career as a naval architect and pretty early on, I realized that I was naturally good at managing big projects and creating a context where people could work together, while using their talents and feeling purposeful. Feeling that I had found my mission, I was inspired to start my first business.

Whereas a lot of people around me complained about business being hard, for me it just came easy; my company was blooming, I was able to take 4-5 months off a year and I was making a lot of money. To have my own business, also meant I could learn about the fields that interested me the most, starting from business and management to NLP, trauma therapy and transactional analysis, so that I could shape myself into whatever my heart wished.

I felt I had the perfect recipe and business meant no sacrifices. Until I got unexpectedly pregnant and was faced with a compromise; doing different kind of work to earn the same, or not being present while my kid grew up. Neither was an option.

“Money is NOT the thing that will create freedom or happiness for you. Your relationship with money shows you how you have learnt to relate with LIFE.

If you understand THAT, you can create the business of your dreams and all the freedom and money you want without compromising.”

The Turning Point

Around the same time my child was born, Jakko (who’s now my husband), came into my life. He made clear from the beginning that he was ready to be there for me, through thick and thin; but as I was certain he would end up leaving me, I was not ready to let him fully in or allow him to help me. So when I found myself overwhelmed by being a working mother and dealing with a huge debt that was only growing, I felt alone and with no control.

Worst of all, I had no clue what was happening. I had studied and learned all my life. Yet, I had no answers. I tried to blame the ‘economy’, the ‘phase’ or ‘the situation’ I was in, like everyone around me said… but I discovered the real problem was ME. More specifically, the childhood patterns I had learnt about how I created a relationship with LIFE.

To have such realization changed my perspective and allowed me to discover my inner power and find trust in myself again. I also let Jakko in, who supported me through my journey, before starting one of his own, that would later lead him to become one of the key coaches within my business.

During my journey, through every experience I was having, I developed my own system; one that pulled me out of debt, created an internal shift and made me achieve the financial harmony I was longing for. All of that while still being me and being present with my beloved ones.

That system is the OPPOSITE of what other ‘money guru’s’ teach. What I found is that money is not the KEY TO freedom, but freedom is the key to money. Money will NOT ‘buy’ you anything or create opportunities.

The truth is: the way you build a relationship with money will teach you how you create a relationship with life. Once you understand how THAT works, you can create all the freedom and money you want. And pursue all your dreams.

A World of Full Potential

Understanding that many of my clients were facing the same blocks and hardship, I decided to start implementing my system with them. The results were amazing!

My sudden realization was that when your paradigm shifts from ‘knowing what to do’ to ‘implementing what you know’, success and money will take care of itself, with no compromise needed. It sounds easy, except…… you will HAVE to shift from ‘getting there’ to trusting it WILL follow. You will HAVE to surrender to your soul. THAT is the journey I take people on. And it is the most fulfilling journey you will ever make. If you dare to take the first step!

I fully believe that everyone can make money and run a business without sacrificing who they are and their wider purpose – and that’s why my current mission, when coaching people, is to create a world where everyone can live to their full potential and have harmony on all levels of their life.

You CAN build a successful business without having to sacrifice your life! I’ll show you how…

My signature 3 day live seminar has transformed thousands of lives. For the first time, in response to your requests, you can now experience the transformational effects of my program from the comfort of your own home. Want to know more?


Join me in a LIVE seminar with maximum of 25 other entrepreneurs and create lasting change and friends for LIFE.


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As a result you’ll receive my 30-page report + a video explaining your Money Flow Personality Type, your unique relationship with money.

“The most difficult sale of all is selling YOU to YOU!”

Once you BELIEVE in yourself, your own transformation and in the value of what you are offering, it is EASY to spread the word about it.

—Suze Maclaine Pont, Business Mentor + Financial Harmonist

“After a very intense and sad period in my life I was looking for an acceleration in my development and needed a helping hand to get there”

Three days filled with time and attention, a treasure; both for my personal and business development. Both Suze’s warmth and professional interventions as well as the other people in the group were a gift.

The seminar gave me exactly what I was looking for: an acceleration to dive back into my business & personal growth. And above all an enhanced zest for life and enjoyment of my true talents.

The seminar brought me way more than I could have imagined it to. To speak in terms of Michelin: worth the journey!”

— Karin Raes, Management Consultant, Raes Management Consultancy

“I have been in business for 25 years and did deep personal development for 35, …

… but working with Suze made me understand – for the first time in my life – what freedom REALLY is, and that I can choose whatever I want.”
— Rob Punselie, ContentKings.nl

14 simple questions to ...

… activate your Money Flow

As a result you’ll receive my 30-page report + a video explaining your Money Flow Personality Type, your unique relationship with money.

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