Unleash Your
Authentic Power

Unleash Your
Authentic Power

Embracing your true self to thrive

OCTOber 11
7pm (Amsterdam) |
1 PM (New York)


Are you tired of feeling like you need to fix everything – especially your bankaccount…- before you can truly experience happiness, freedom, and success?

Join my FREE Masterclass and discover the truth that you are NOT broken!

What if your ideas, your distractions, happened to not be sabotage at ALL or procrastination for that matter? What if these voices that are telling you they are, actually happened to be your best advisor? What if your bankaccount really is showing you what to fix in your mind, and not just trying to push you?

 This Masterclass will teach you how to efficiently use your own true energy so that it works FOR you instead of against you. Stop trying to rid yourself of perceived flaws and discover how to transform them into strengths.

Stop trying to fix your bank account to feel better about your value, but instead learn how to feel better about your true value and allow THAT to fix your bank account…

Key Takeaways

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs – Challenge the belief that you must solve every issue before you can experience joy and success


Understand what is really in the way of your success, freedom and happiness – hint: it is not money…


Embrace Transition with Confidence – Navigate life’s transitions without succumbing to fear or self-doubt


Redefine Procrastination – Shift your perspective on distractions and procrastinations, learn how they can actually serve as valuable sources of guidance


Embrace Your Energy – Recognize that transitioning from one phase to another isn’t about “jumping back into it.” Discover practical techniques to harness your true energy, use it to your advantage, and achieve alignment between your goals and your authentic self


Never again feel shame about where you are (financially) or what you are feeling, but instead deeply understand how to navigate by using this information to work for you


 Uncover Your Soul’s Wisdom – Explore how those inner voices that were holding you back might be your best advisors, guiding you towards your true purpose


The world is waiting for YOU!








“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone else’s eyes when they get it!”

Suze Maclaine Pont
Trauma Therapist & Business Coach


Unlock your potential, harness your authentic power, and step into the life you’ve been waiting for. You are NOT broken – you’re ready to flourish!
Maximum 50 participants! So register now before YOUR SPOT is taken!



You will receive live access to the Masterclass event including an email series to warm you up, a quiz to find out your relationship with money which will reveal where we’re sabotaging our relationship with business, kids, spouse and with life (emails will drip into your inbox over time after registration).


Yes, there will be a replay, but Q&A is only live!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay of the event?

Yes! We will send you a replay the day after the Masterclass, so you can rewatch it or view any parts you missed in your own time and at your own speed. But the Q&A is only live, and Suze is known to go DEEP during this!

What time does the event start and how long will the masterclass be?

The Masterclass will start at 7 PM Amsterdam Time (GMT +1) , 6 PM London and 1 PM New York and will end approximately 2 hours later, but it might run longer if you ask great questions…! 

If I am registered, can I share the link with my friends?

A registration is valid for 1 person. If you invite more people or you want to share it with your friends, please send them to this page: https://suzemaclainepont.com/masterclass-unleash-your-authentic-power/

I don't have any problems at this moment (my business is doing great, I still have enough money and customers) -- how will this help me?

This Masterclass will teach you a whole lot more than practical business skills. Suze is traumatherapist and teaches you in depth skills on how to deal with fear, insecurity, but most of all how to deal with who you are no matter WHAT life throws on your plate. From your core, YOUR gifts, YOUR talents, YOUR life. True freedom. Independant of ‘circumstances’.

What if I have a question that you didn't address here?

No problem! Let’s talk – connect with me by sending an email to [email protected]