Allan Kleynhans

This week we have a very very very special guest in the Money Interviews. Allan Kleynhans.

Some people may not have heard of his name yet. And that needs to change FAST.

Allan not only shares the stage (not once, but is one of the LEAD trainers!!) with Tony Robbins, but Allan has an amazing story and an amazing life experience himself.

He KNOWS what he talks about. And he talks about everything from his own experience. I have yet to meet someone with such a big heart, so much love and energy and passion, all in one person.

Allan is one of the most generous people I know, and one of the most involved in leading people towards a better life.

Listen to him. Listen 10 times. Don;t miss a word! I know I don’t….

Leave your insights in the comments, let’s share the love!

Stay tuned, have an awesome week!

xo Suze

Here’s Allan’s website where you can find out how to connect with him and attend his own events