Last episode was all about:
You always get what you want. But….. what you get is not always what you think you want.

So…… why?

Subconscious patterns!

You might THINK you’re asking for something, but actually, you are not.
Why? Because you are not getting it!

This sounds like bad news, but it really is the best compass you will ever get – once you understand.

People get so angry at ‘the universe’ for not delivering, but in reality, you can just look into your inner patterns, and see what you are really asking for. Once you get that, the game is easy!

I thought I was asking for money.
But I didn;t get it….
So….. apparently I seem to be asking for money to not come into my life.

The q is: why?
Why would I ask for it NOT to come?

Answering THAT question made all the difference.

Listen and hear how it points to where you need to look.. if you are willing to understand.

HERE is all the magic!

Stay tuned, because next week we will be talking about beliefs. We tend to think that these are truths, but you will discover that they really aren’t. They are just what you have been telling yourself over and over again.

More on that next time. Stay tuned. Have a great week, speak soon!