If you are like most people, this statement ‘You always get what you want’ sounds very counter intuitive. 

Most people say: well, that’s fine, but I DID NOT want this, so that principle is just BS. 

If you are willing to really look deeper into it, it will give you the perfect guidelines of how to make a change that helps you.

In this episode we investigate the two levels of creation in life. 
1 what Life throws on your plate
2 what you create subconsciously

You will learn how both of these levels are actually pointing to one main question:

What is asked from me here?

Should you really want to transform your own thoughts, know that this is a lot easier than you think. It’s only your subconscious blocking you, and I can teach you how to change that in a matter of weeks.

We will also discuss how to deal with stuff that you didn’t want, and how to do that in a way that prevents it from coming on your palet over and over again. 

Have fun listening and stay tuned! 

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