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Soul Healing Academy

Integrative Trauma Therapy Certification Training


Discover the Power of Integrative Trauma SoulHealing Certification

Unlock Your Potential as a Compassionate and Transformative Integrative Trauma Therapist

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing while gaining the expertise to facilitate deep and lasting transformation in your clients?

Look no further! Join us in the Integrative Trauma SoulHealing Certification Course, an innovative two-year program that will empower you to harness the healing potential of the soul, nervous system, and heart.

Why Choose Integrative Trauma SoulHealing Certification?

🌟 Unleash Your Inner Healer: Discover the transformative power within yourself and learn to heal your own trauma while becoming a beacon of light for others.

🌟 Authentic Healing: Embrace a holistic approach that combines deep human psychology, empathy, spirituality, and trauma therapy to facilitate authentic and profound healing.

🌟 Confidence & Mastery: Gain unwavering confidence in your ability to guide your clients through healing journeys, whether it’s through your presence or active interventions.

🌟 Rapid Results: Witness astonishing and long-lasting results in as little as one hour, every time you work with a client.

🌟 Soul-Centered Approach: Move beyond just addressing the mind – heal the soul, heart, and nervous system to help individuals feel whole again.

🌟 Contribute to a Better World: Fulfill your purpose by helping create a world of peace, harmony, and opportunities for all humans.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Healing Practice?

If you resonate with these statements, this certification course is designed for you:

✨ You have a deep inner drive to contribute to positive change in the world.

✨ You already work with people, creating profound transformations in their lives, and value authenticity and integrity above all else.

✨ You want to lead as a human being and facilitate deep change in others.

✨ You’re passionate about helping people heal their souls, bodies, and minds.

✨ You believe in the potential for a more peaceful world and understand that something crucial is missing in current approaches.

The Missing Link: Strengthening the Soul

Traditional methods often focus on fixing trauma, but we believe in a different approach. Instead of fixing what’s broken, we focus on strengthening the soul, enabling the body to naturally release trauma. That’s the key to true healing, and it’s what sets our program apart.

Meet Suze Maclaine Pont, Your Guide

Suze Maclaine Pont, the creator of the Integrative Trauma Therapy Certification Course, brings a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and deep personal transformation to her teachings. With over 20 years of transforming souls, hearts, minds, and businesses, she combines her expertise with her gift for healing.

SoulHealing: Your Path to Profound Transformation

SoulHealing is an integrative approach that blends evidence-based, scientific, spiritual, and energetic principles to achieve deeper and faster shifts than traditional methods. It’s not just a rehashed technique; it’s a revolutionary approach born from personal and professional experience.

What to Expect in the Certification

πŸ”΅ YEARΒ 1: Becoming the Tool – Start with your own healing journey to regulate your nervous system, making you the instrument of transformation.

πŸ”΅ YEARΒ 2: Facilitating Healing – Master the art of guiding others through their healing process, building unwavering confidence in your abilities.

Testimonials from Healers & Therapists

🌟 “More powerful than over 10 years of working with energy healers.” 🌟 “The missing link to anything I have trained in before.” 🌟 “Clients let go in a way they haven’t with other modalities I have used.” 🌟 “It allows clients to realize hurt they did not even recognize they were carrying with them.”

Don’t wait weeks, months, or years to witness transformation – experience it in one hour with Integrative Trauma SoulHealing Certification.

Join Us Today!

Become a beacon of light, a catalyst for change, and a master of transformation. Elevate your healing practice and make a profound impact on the world. Your journey towards healing and helping others starts here.

For inquiries and enrollment, contact us now. Together, let’s create a world filled with peace, harmony, and boundless opportunities for all.




Become an Integrative Trauma Therapist: Transform Lives


Are you a dedicated coach, therapist, or healer seeking to elevate your practice to new heights?

Our exclusive trauma therapy certification program is designed to empower you with the expertise and skills needed to navigate trauma effectively. ✨

πŸ” Dive deep into the foundational blocks essential for understanding and addressing trauma’s intricate layers.

🎯 Year 1: Four Modules

– Shame & Intimacy
– Attachment
– Fear & Trust
– Dissociation

πŸŽ“ Deepen your nervous system regulation skills – liberate yourself from unconscious dynamics so your clients can heal just by your presence

πŸ” A comprehensive journey spread over two transformative years, providing extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« For seasoned practitioners looking to specialize in trauma therapy.

✨ Year One: Deep dive into Trauma Regulation Theory ✨

🌟 Year Two: Integrative Trauma Therapy Certification 🌟

🎯 Year 2: Four Modules

Developmental Trauma
– Generational Trauma
– Trauma caused by abuse or neglect
– Shock Trauma

Choose either just 2024 and deepen your own people skills, or choose both years and become a fully certified Integrative Trauma Therapist.

In year 2, unlock advanced techniques, masterful guidance, and transformative tools, exclusively accessible after completing Year One. Elevate your expertise to become an Integrative Trauma Therapist.

πŸš€ Why Choose Both Years?

Exclusive Mastery: Access advanced tools and techniques.
Professional Expertise: Become a proficient Integrative Trauma Therapist.
In-depth Guidance: Learn to navigate trauma with precision and compassion.

Embark on this transformative journey and become a beacon of healing and resilience in the lives of those you serve.


What is my investment?

The Soul Healing Academy is a certification training on integrative trauma therapy and has a maximum of 20 participants. It is specifically for coaches and people who already have done a lot of inner work.

Soul Healing Academy Year 1

Basic Regulation Skills in Trauma Therapy

Four 3-day modules in 2024

1. Shame & Intimacy

2. Attachment

3. Fear & Trust

4. Dissociation




Enroll for 1 Year 2024

Soul Healing Academy Year 1 and 2

Advanced Mastery, Integrative Trauma Certification Course

Four 4-day modules in 2025

1. Developmental trauma

2. Generational trauma

3. Trauma caused by abuse or neglect

4. Shock trauma




Enroll for 2024-25

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