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How to navigate the sense of restlessness that we try to ‘fix’ externally, but cannot… Because it is actually caused by deep trauma.

May 29



Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your past experiences, unable to break free from the grip of trauma?

Do you often find yourself stuck in the same old patterns, despite understanding the source of your pain?

It’s time to shift your perspective.

Trauma isn’t the problem. The real issue lies in our ability (or lack thereof) to navigate it effectively.

You are not alone, and it’s not your fault!

Trauma affects many of us, and it’s not your fault if you’ve struggled to navigate its challenges. But if you seek true inner peace, you are the one who can make a difference in your life.

In reality, you have two choices:

  1. Continue avoiding triggers and letting trauma control you.
  2. Learn how to navigate triggers so that you heal as you face them.

The power to choose is in your hands.

Join my FREE Masterclass, where you will explore:


Why Trauma Can Be So Challenging: Understand why trauma can feel insurmountable and learn how to change your relationship with it.

The Limits of Understanding: Discover why simply understanding trauma is not enough to bring about healing and change.

Regain Control Over Your Life: Learn practical strategies to regain control and power over your life, even in the face of trauma triggers.

Working WITH Trauma: Shift from a mindset of trying to get rid of trauma to one of working with it for your growth and healing.


Ready to embrace healing and inner peace?

The world is waiting for YOU!








“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone else’s eyes when they get it!”

Suze Maclaine Pont
Trauma Therapist & Business Coach


Unlock your potential, harness your authentic power, and step into the life you’ve been waiting for. You are NOT broken – you’re ready to flourish!
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Yes, there will be a replay, but Q&A is only live!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone who has experienced trauma and is looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate it for healing and growth AND for coaches and leaders dealing with other people’s trauma and how to allow them to heal.

What time does the event start and how long will the masterclass be?

The Masterclass will start at 4 PM Amsterdam Time (GMT +1) , 3 PM London and 10 AM New York and will end approximately 1 hour later, but it might run longer if you ask great questions…! 

Will there be a replay of the event?

Yes! We will send you a replay the day after the Masterclass, so you can rewatch it or view any parts you missed in your own time and at your own speed. But the Q&A is only live, and Suze is known to go DEEP during this!

If I am registered, can I share the link with my friends?

A registration is valid for 1 person. If you invite more people or you want to share it with your friends, please send them to this page!

What if I have a question that you didn't address here?

No problem! Let’s talk – connect with me by sending an email to [email protected]