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My biggest fear was that if anything went wrong, life would fall to pieces again. So I was stuck and afraid to move. Working with Suze has made me realize I can start playing again. I know where I stand, how to reconnect, how to PLAY and WIN. There is only LOVE. Nothing else. The question is, can see it? That is the biggest insight I learned from Suze. I recommend any person teacher and leader who is serious about their core message to give yourself the gift of understanding this deeply.

Nienke Spanauf
Presentatie trainer, Text en Uitleg

Suze has created a bunch of incompany trainings for our company. I have followed her program Connected Leadership. Her style of training on a deep personal level combined with a high level of competency and skills has brought us major shifts. Both personal and business wise. Learning in leadership is 'in' today. The way through which Suze brings this to life is very unique. Her quality and personal style make her training a unique experience and a highly recommended and special journey.

Irene Gerritzen
Huisvesting Consultant, De Mevrouwen

I tend to think that I should be able to work this stuff out by myself. I teach leadership, so I should know. This is my field. I did however feel that I needed an intervention that shifted my game towards implementation. Clarity, and inner space to actually DO what you KNOW.

Lieke Thijssen
Leadership coach, Het Leiderschapshuis

I knew I needed to change something, but I didn't have a clue where to start even. I was working day and night in my business, impatient and not present with my kids, being hard on my spouse and I was burning myself out rapidly. I read an article about Suze in a financial newspaper and I knew immediately that if anyone, she would be able to help me. I first went to her Life Planning program with my husband, which really helped us understand how we can support each other better. Suze is to this day my go-to person whenever I loose focus, inner peace or connection with myself or my family. Everybody needs this kind of support. Specially business owners with a mission greater than themselves.

Monique Ballering van er Laan
Casemanagement Coach, Recht door Zee Casemanagement

Suze has a great presence and gives POWERFUL and valuable insights that are easily and immediately applicable. I recommend Suze highly if you're looking for more in life and business.

Allan Kleynhans
International Speaker, Allan Kleynhans International

Suze is by far the most honest and comité coach I have ever met, disarming and professional Her workshop 'Your Value in the Outside World' was a huge eye opener on how my business-values not only can but NEED to be in alignement with me. You can only be successful if you do what you naturally do. That insight sounds simple, but working with Suze made me realize what that actually means.

Els Brouwer
Marketing Coach,

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