It is time to Activate your Money Flow.

It is time to Unlock your Inner Power!

Your relationship with money was forged before you were 7! In one hour Suze will teach you how it was built, what it means and how to transform your relationship with money. 


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“Hundreds of people have participated in our workshops and programs and have had many significant money breakthroughs!”

“It is essential to get in touch with your mission,

… what it means for you and for others and what keeps you to go after it.”

— Doreen Woutersen

“For the short term? Double my income. For the long term? To share my message with a wider audience.”

How do I choose for myself what’s important and can I push myself over my own limits?

— Maaike

“Getting closer to yourself, your mission, your vision and hearing from others that your talents matter.”

And then seeing that there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities to set up or extend a company or to use your talents to achieve what you want. (The nice thing is that I have helped others with this in my working life for years)

— Harriet