If you are an entrepreneur struggling to create Financial Harmony … then I encourage you to find out why my three day seminar ‘Your Money or Your Life’ is the best, easiest, fastest and most secure first step to the Life you want! A life with free from compromise and sacrifice…

Learn exactly what it is you want in life without compromising your business or your life or family

Identify where you are at the moment and what the first next step is

Create a clear path towards your goals - following your inner purpose without risking your finances, your family or your health

Identify the roadblocks towards HARMONY in your life so you never have to yell at your kids or argue with your loved ones out of overwhelm

Learn to choose yourself - in a way that serves you and your loved ones without depriving or hiding your talents

Identify the subconsious beliefs around money that are keeping you stuck and deal with them

Design a system to start implementing from your PURPOSE on YOUR TERMS - without fearing time, money or energy

Be on top of your life, in control, present and enjoying every inch of life!

So if you’re ready to start, please click button below, where you can choose your dates and register today to claim your Free Alumni status for life!

speak to you soon,

Suze Maclaine Pont, mastercoach and head trainer ‘Unlock Your Life’

P.S. Just in case you are even busier than usual, I have given you the final summarizing paragraph first.
If you want to read the rest, here it is:


Before you read this online letter I want you to review the top 8 reasons you might NOT register for my ‘Your Money or Your Life’ seminar today.

The reason I’m doing this upfront is because I want to get your Resistance out of the way so you don’t self-sabotage yourself by not taking action now. So based on my surveys and experience, here are the 8 most common reasons for Resistance…

8 Common Reasons Why You May Resist The World’s Most Life Changing Program towards Financial Harmony

Resistance Reason #1:

“I should be able to do this on my own”

Suze’s Response: Look, if you would have been able to do this on your own, you probably would have everything the way you want by now! In the seminar we’ll work on getting clarity and on your priorities. And even if you think you know your priorities, this module is often the highest game changer for everyone. Let’s be honest: if you really knew, you wouldn’t be struggling, would you?

Resistance Reason #3:

“I don’t have time. I have so much on my plate, I simply don’t know how to carve time out to breathe, let alone to work on my Inner Game for three whole days!!”

Suze’s Response: I get it. Your stuck. But honestly, if you really want change, you need to start somehwere. It really only takes two days for it. Promised. If you don’t cut that time out, then you are right. Don’t bother. But if you are serious, schedule this NOW (I’m SERIOUS!)…..

Resistance Reason #5:

“I will never be able to get more done – I am working overtime as it is – so my finances can never change whatever I change …”

Suze’s Response: You are probably used to trading hours for dollars and not leveraging your business. And maybe that is the way you want to keep working. But have you ever realised that if you lack energy and focus, you will never be able to raise your fees, let alone be effective at what you do? You NEED to take care of yourself. No one else will. And your family depends on you.

You probably think you know what is keeping your finances stuck: not enough work and not enough time. But really, do you think rich people work 24 hours a day?

The truth is: you DON’T know what is keeping you stuck, and THAT is why you it’s staying that way. In this seminar you will learn exactly what is going on and how to start moving in a different direction without overwhelm.

Resistance Reason #7:

“I don’t think it’s necessary to change. I mean, compromise is just part of life in this phase …”

Suze’s Response: If you like your compromises and your life, then feel free to stick with them. But know that -although everyone around you is living that way- that still doesn’t proove it to be true. I don’t live that way. And I know hundreds or even thousands of people who don’t.

So if you want to, you CAN get out of the ratrace you are in. And it is a lot easier than you think. But you need to WANT it.

Resistance Reason #2:

“I am not in the place to change at this moment, I first need to do…….”

Suze’s Response: This is the exact pattern that has been keeping you stuck. You know that deep down. Your mind tries to convince you that ‘you know’, but if you really knew, wouldn’t you have figured it out by now?

Resistance Reason #4:

“Even if I’ve overcome the previous 7 reasons for Resistance, I don’t really feel it’s possible to double my income and triple my time-off by ‘just’ changing my thought patterns …”

Suze’s Response: Pray that your closest competitors feel the same way so you can quickly and almost effortlessly gain an instant edge over them. I mean it!

Resistance Reason #6:

“I don’t see how I will ever be able to pull it off no matter what you say…”

Suze’s Response: You are right about one thing: nobody will do the work for you. What you need to realise however, is that you simply haven;t learned how to do this (yet).

If you’re anything like most people who follow this program -and I bet you are if you are still reading this- than what you have been doing so far, is trying to bake a cake while reading a recipe for chickensoup. You feel dissapointed that you still haven’t been able to present the world with your cake. I mean, come on: I have a recipe, I have all the ingredients, I am doing the best I can, I have tried xx times’.

So by now you probably feel exhausted, ashamed, drained, and maybe even angry and desperate.

In this program you will learn the recipe to put it all together. In module 5 you will create YOUR plan. YOUR recipe. Leading to YOUR results.

Resistance Reason #8:

“In my area of business it just works this way, I can’t change the game, I will just have to cope …”

Suze’s Response: Many of us let the world tell us how we should and how we should not live. What rules apply, and which don’t apply. As long as you are happy wth the rules you’re living by, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you are struggling, you need to know this: you can only see around you what you believe in yourself. As soon as you start believeing in different rules, you will start to see all kinds of people living by those rules.

In these two days you will learn how to bend the rules so you can command harmony without compromise.

Learning in Leadership is ‘in’ these days. The way through which Suze brings this to life is very unique. Her quality and personal style make her training a unique experience and a highly recommended and special journey.

Irene Gerritzen
Consultant, De Mevrouwen

I tend to think that I should be able to work this stuff out by myself. I teach leadership, so I should know. This is my field. I did however feel that I needed an intervention that shifted my game towards implementation. Clarity, and inner space to actually DO what you KNOW.

Lieke Thijssen
Leadership coach, Het Leiderschapshuis

Suze is to this day my go-to person whenever I loose focus, inner peace or connection with myself or my family. Everybody needs this kind of support. Specially business owners with a mission greater than themselves.

Monique Ballering van der Laan
Human Resources, Recht door Zee

Suze is by far the most honest and comité coach I have ever met, disarming and professional. Working with Suze is a guarantee to insights on where your growth is.

Els Brouwer
Copy Writer, Els Brouwer

These Two Words Are Probably Your Biggest Source of Resistance

FINAL NOTE: Look, if you’re still resisting myseminar Your Money or Your Life, it may be because of the most self-sabotaging, most insidious reason of all.

This is the same reason that has robbed you of the Joy, Happiness, Honor, Relationships, Fame, Wealth, Leadership and Expertise you know you have always deserved … as well as any other human virtue you can think of.

It’s the one fear that raises its ugly head whenever you want to learn something new, or when you push yourself to master what you already know. You know what I’m talking about because you face it every day.

Can you guess the “two-word” silent Thief I’m talking about?

It’s not a person. It’s not a place. It’s not even a thing.

It is the human condition that shows-up in your life with an intention to protect you, but in reality it repeatedly robs you of getting what you want and even worse, to what you have…

I’m talking about your “Comfort Zone.”

Right now – even before you start reading my letter below – I want you to dissolve your “Comfort Zone” for the next 10 minutes. You see, my goal here is not to change your mind about how to live a good life, or anything else.

My only goal today – right here, right now – is to open your mind so that the agony of your decision making becomes so intense that your only escape is to push through your “Comfort Zone.” After you’re done reading this Web page, you can go back into your “Comfort Zone” as long as you’d like.

I enjoyed Suze’s course enormously. I would recommend this course to anyone that is serious about growing into a better version of themselves while making their business work AND have fun!

Asia Dimitrova
Autism Expert, Asia Dimitrova

I highly recommend Suze’s work if you want more in life and business!

Allan Kleynhans Motivational speaker, Allan Kleynhans international

So if anything I’ve said so far is true for you, please have the willingness to read the rest of this letter.
If you’ve read this far, the only reason you may be resisting my program is your fear that it WILL work.

I’m only guessing … but nevertheless … ready-or-not, here we go!

Life Make Over Coaching Empowering Financial Harmony

From the desk of

Kokstraat 18
7211 AP Eefde
The Netherlands

Date: March 17, 2017
Re: Your Money or Your Life™ Seminar

Dear Colleague,

Picture this: 3 years from now

A lovely tuesdayafternoon in June. You are on the beach, the love of your life at your side. You are watching the waves break on the shore. Some boats on the horizon. Your kids are laughing and playing. Building sandcastles, running in and out of the water. You are surrounded by delicious food and refreshing drinks. Your best friends are coming in just a couple of hours. You’ll go sailing together and eat diner anchored in a beautiful bay. Swimming. Laughing. Playing guitar.

And guess what? This is not a holiday! This is just a regular tuesdayafternoon. This is YOUR LIFE!

You have enough money in the bank. More money is constantly flowing in, whether you worry about it or not. Your business grows consistently without you being around al the time.

You have built a team of people who feel like family. A group of like minded people, all serving a greater purpose, just like you. Even though you work together, and are bloody serious about results, you haven’t had more fun at any time in your life!

You have crafted a system that generates money while you work on your own personal growth, freedom and self-care. While you sit on the beach and play with your kids. And enjoy your LIFE!

You are Tapped in. Tuned in. Turned on. In alignment.

The Flow of Life is finally taking you for a ride! The ecstatic ride of living from Harmony, Purpose and Joy, versus Stress, Strain and Fear that you are in now!

Okay, now let’s step back from that scene for a moment and let me ask you a very important question. Be totally honest with me and yourself … okay?

How would you feel if that scene became a reality for you one day? How would it make you feel if that scene occurred to you repeatedly 3 days a week?

How about 15 times a month … and again month after month after month?

Do you think it’s really possible, or are you still wondering if it’s all a pipe dream? I have no idea what you’re thinking about right now, but I do want to ask you something here that’s a little personal but extremely important.

You ready?

Okay … here it is:

The R-factor Question

“If we met here 3 years from today …what has to have happened during that time period (both personally and professionally) for you to feel satisfied or even wildly successful about your progress?”

More importantly … which of the eight common reasons for Resistance (you reviewed above) are at this moment getting in your way of achieving your dreams 3 years from now?

How about 1 year from now … or even a month from now?

Here’s a second important question that I want you to think about right now: What if your annual income became your quarterly income?

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t believe that would ever be a possibility for me, and I actually made it happen recently.

What an amazing day that was when I first discovered that I actually didn’t have to FIGHT to make it happen! I remember lying in bed realising in every cell of my body that I could just relax. That my life would never be a fight, and I can really enjoy and make money with whatever I set my heart on. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live…

Yet that day was paled in comparison to the magic moment when I realised that it is actually going to be truth in the coming year that my annual income will be my monthly income. 

Do you have any idea what becomes possible with that kind of money? If you know me (and I do hope our paths cross often), then you already know that what becomes possible is the “gift of Giving.”

Don’t you enjoy being a Giver whenever you’re able?

The money that has poured into my bank account as a result of Unlocking my Life has given me the financial means to give and give and GIVE!

Let’s take my kids and family as an example 🙂

As I keep accelerating my Net Worth through growing my business and inspiring people, I finally get to give our children the education I had set my heart on when they where just born.

As long as I’m living, they will live part of the year in a different country around the world with us, indulging in the culture, sailing the oceans of the world and really taking it in. We take them out of school, rent a house or set out to sea and home school them throughout that entire period. Just imagine how valuable it is to not only ‘learn by theory and tv and internet’, but actually BEING in those places and living there every year. There is no schooling system that can ever teach my kids what they get from these experiences.

And then there’s my parents. I’ll spontaneously buy tickets to fly them up to stay with us wherever we are and enjoy life and the kids together.

Over the years, I’ve lost count of the evenings with friends and people on my team, baking pizza in our garden in the wooden oven, sailing out at sea on a yacht, spending days in nature, talking about life, realising our goals and impacting the world together…

They deserve these gifts and so do you. And before I go on and on … let me tell you right now why I’m telling you this…

I’m telling you this because if you’re anything like me, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

And nothing seems to accelerate the growth of a meaningful relationship more than that of the Joy of Giving.

Here’s The Problem: You must first have financial resources to become a responsible Giver.


Fifteen years ago, I wanted to give as much as I do today, but I was dead broke. I didn’t even have enough money to buy birthday cards!

But all of that has changed today. And I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that I cracked the code of financial freedom and success because I have cracked the code to Unlocking my Life whatever happens to come on my path.

Nienke Spanauf

Public speaking trainer, Text & Uitleg

“I highly recommend Suze’s work if you want more in life and business!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you know this will work for me?

The system I created for this two day seminar is the exact same system I have used myself over and over again to get through the rough periods in life. I have coached hundreds of people using this, and out of this group, only 1 has had no results. This client had very big issues going on and decided to never implement the program because of the timing. I know it works from my own life experience, I have seen it work with hundreds of others, but don’t believe me on my word.

Read the testimonials. I have the lowest offer I can possibly give you BECAUSE I know the benefits and I know you WANT TO BE IN THE ROOM. That is why you are getting an insane offer. I want you to DO this! Try it out. I have taken away all the risk. 

Q: I have done SO MANY programs already, I don't need another program, I need RESULTS!

Thats is exactly what I think you need. Most entrepreneurs have been studying their * off trying to ‘make it work’ without any tangible result! If that sounds like you, you have come to the right place. You have been looking for a quick fix in all the wrong area’s.

Trying to change your outside results without changing your inner strategy is like trying to collect apples from a pear tree. It just won’t happen. EVER.

In this seminar you will change your roots. Your belief system. The core of what is nourishing the fruits. By nourishing the roots a tree will start to grow fruits. That is the way nature works. It’s a law. And it works. Every. Single. Time.

You simply cannot grow more fruits by trying to cut off all your branches….. sounds silly doesn’t it? But is is what most entrepreneurs are doing! This program will allow you to actually change that, and enable change in your life. Guaranteed.

Q: I there a payment plan?

Yes there is. You can choose to pay all at once, or you can choose to pay in 3 easy terms.

Q: What if I need more time?

No problem at all! You will take home your plan and you will meet the most amazing people. You will all be part of a secret FaceBook group that is ONLY open for my students. You can always go back to this material and do it in your own time.


Even better: being a student, you will get acces to ANY of my programs at half price for the rest of your life (half of the original price offered). So you can ALWAYS just come again. And again. And again. Like I do with my teachers.


Even better: we always need hands in our crew team. I really don’t know of any better way to learn than to serve my own teachers with my time. So all my students are welcome to help us out!

Q: How much time will this program cost me?

The program is three days and there will be a bonus pre-training consisting of 3 audio’s – the longest being 18 minutes.

With the VIP option you also get two online coaching sessions. One before and one after the program. These will take approximately 1 hour.


We start the seminar thursday morning -doors open at 9.00- and finish saturday at 17.00

I generally don’t mention the ending time on the evenings, because I like to be a bit flexible. But around 22.00 we are usually done.

Q: How do I keep my partner involved?

This program would be ideal to actually do together. I recommend highly to involve your partner. Even better: I have a very very special deal for that. Contact me and ask. It’s worth it!!

Q: Can I ask questions during the seminar?

There will be plenty of time to deal with questions during the entire seminar.

Q: What is taught in Your Money or Your Life?

We deal with two things:

1. Your talents and gifts to the world

2. The life you ideally want to create to create harmony AND deliver your gift to the world

3. The money blueprint and beliefs sabotaging your goals and plans

Q: What's the first thing I should do after registering?

The first thing you should do after registering is CELEBRATE!! I mean it! You have just taken a huge step towards fulfillment and harmony. That is worth a few minutes of celebration.


After that: go to your inbox.

Create a new folder there called: ! Unlock your life [with a ! and a space before the words!)

check for an email from [email protected] and make a rule to ensure all of my emails to be added to that folder. In that way you will have anything I send you in one place and you can always review it.

Q: Do I have one-on-one coaching opportunities?

In the VIP package 2 coaching sessions are included.

Apart from that: this course has a secret FaceBook group where you have access to me. In case you need more coaching or private sessions, you can always upgrade this course. In that program I guide you through each step personally – one-on-one – in 5 Skype sessions.

Should you be interested in that format, please contact me so we can arrange a discovery call and see if you are a fit.

Q: Can I follow this program if I don't have a business or I am just starting out?

This program works for anyone who wants to take a step back and create a new vision for life.

Q: What is the refund policy?

Because this is a LIVE event, with an irrestitable offer, there is no refund policy. I can honestly tell you: you will NEVER see your money again. But……. you will get so much in return, I am 100% certain it will be worth every penny.

Q: How do I become an affiliate partner?

We are very happy that you asked! We want this work to be available for as many people as possible, and if you care to share our program, we will reward you with a 50% commission fee, as soon as the guarantee period is over. Send an email to me and I will be happy set you up for our affiliate program!

I’ve said this once, I have said it a thousand times: The principles I teach you in the Your Money or Your Life seminar are hands-down the fastest, easiest, and ONLY secrets your need to know to increase your sales AND create harmony purpose and joy in your life rather than stress, strain and fear.

It is the ONLY proven way to grow your business without compromising your family life. End of story.

That’s why I’m so passionate about getting you in my Your Money or Your Life seminar right now. Are you ready to join my other students now?

I’ll bend over backwards to teach you my tested Unlock Your Life principles. These principles have a proven track record (with hundreds of my students) so you too can repeatedly and consistently …

… Create inner Harmony whatever life throws on your path …

… Grow your income even if your customer base doesn’t change …

… Enjoy every inch of life no matter what happens …

… Accelerate your personal wealth and reach your financial freedom sooner …

… Do your work WHENever and HOWever you want to …

…Unlock your talents and gifts to the world!

You’ll get private access to these and dozens of other advantages … all by simply unlocking the power of your subconscious mind and aligning it to your heart’s desires

5 Guarantees Before You Start Your Program

Question: Are you really going to let your “Comfort Zone” take over and take away the “Ideal Scene” I just described?

Click here now if you’re ready to get started with the Your Money or Your Life seminar and get started with your full potential!

I’ll tell you what I’m willing to do before I give you the full story on what you get with my seminar…

Just in case you feel any of those reasons for Resistance are silently begging to hold you back from taking advantage of the opportunity in front of you, I’m going to give you 5 more guarantees to shatter them all, one-by-one…

Okay, here we go:

Fear of Growing apart from Loved Ones: You will not change in a way that sets you apart from your loved ones. You will be even more lovable, and grow closer rather than farther apart. But in case you worry: reach out. I want you to come together and I have an offer no spouse has ever refused so far…

Fear of Marketing and Sales: Even if you have never tried to work on your business or followed any courses in marketing you will learn the first and best steps how to build a system that works for you.

Fear of losing Authenticity through focusing on Money: Ok, so until now you’ve probably been playing small and justifying yourself by saying you ‘want to be true to you’ or ‘not wanting to be salesy’ or ‘wanting to be authentic’. I get that. But really, who are you serving with this playing small? The truth is: you’re afraid. Afraid of succes. Afraid of losing people. Afraid of change. And that’s ok. I’ve been there. In this program I will teach you how big your impact could really be, and what your true calling is. And why you NEED to asnwer that calling in order to even be slightly authentic…

Fear of Losing Control: not knowing how to let go – always wanting to be in control- is the entry state of most people in this program. I will teach you how to do this without risking you money, life or marriage.

Fear of dealing with Money: believe it or not, most people are terrified to talk about money. Both rich and poor people. It’s just not a common subject. We will teach you how to get comfortable to not only talk about it, but make it your compass for growth on all levels, mental, fysical and spiritual.

Ready To Take That First Step To Prosperity?

That first step into lifelong prosperity, joy and financial freedom is often the most frightening one to take–but think of it this way:

Once you take that first step, all you have to do is keep walking along the path I’ve laid out for you (and lit with floodlights)–and before you know it, you’ll be telling others how wonderfully this is working for you…and teaching THEM everything you know!

So, again, I must ask you: Which reason of Resistance is holding YOU back (or should I say … “robbing” you) from the lifestyle you always deserved?

If you’ve melted away all 8 reasons, then get in, and get busy now because you’re just one click away from changing everything about your life…

How I turned my life around in only one year

by Suze Maclaine Pont

In november 2005 my oldest child was born, Benjamin. I had always been a very succesful entrpreneur, earning 4 times more than my friends. Although I had been preparing to raise my child singlehandedly since the third month of my pregnancy, I was commited to make it work without compromising on any aspect.

I had never compromsied, so why do it now?

But three months later I discovered in a very painful way that it wasn’t that easy. Where I earned my money with bug projects, that required my attention 7 days a week, I now only wanted to work 3 days – and not a single day more. Where I was used to escaping 4/5 months and sail on the ocean, I was now faced with being on shore 12 months in a row. Not an easy task.

I felt like I was slowly cut off from all the resources I had had uptil that point, and really didn’t have an answer. The people around me where all emplyees or married (yes, that makes a difference, I am sorry to say….being single mom does not compare with ‘doing a lot by yourself’)

I was faced with the fact that I had to compromise either the amount of daycare for my kid or the amount of income we had to live on. I wasn’t prepared to do either.

I commited myself to find a way.

I tried everything that crossed my mind. From studying marketing, to changing fields, to working online, to networkmarketing. And all of these helped a bit. But they never dramatically changed my results. Where I met a lot of people who did change their life by implementing them. So I knew it COULD work, I just didn’t get HOW

I started to turn my life upside down and learn from all the periods where things did work, learn from other people, study new people, and slowly I worked out my path. Really getting it this time.  Or so I thought…..

Until -five year later- I was back in the same place. All alone, almost divorced again, yelling at my kids (second was born in the meantime) and I really didn;t know how to go on. That is when I finally understood: it wasn’t the ‘circumstances’ or my ‘knowledge’.

It was ME

And although it felt weird, it was really the best news I had heard in YEARS!! Because if ther is ONE thing I can change, it is ME. Finally I had hope. I began implementing. Studying myself. Creating new habits, building new beliefs. And all of a sudden big shift after big shift stared happening.

And in only 1 year my life turned around BIG time!

Exactly at the point where I had given up all hope, I found myself. Embraced what I found, and started from there. And what a support I felt!! From that point onward life has been smiling at me 100%

Listen: There’s just no other way to live in harmony, purpose and joy than to do your inner work.

I challenge you to try. It just doesn’t happen.

The reason that Unlock Your Life work so well is we allow you create YOUR life, exactly as YOU want it, on YOUR terms…

So this is my call to action for you: Take a moment, picture clearly in your mind the kind of life you really want for yourself–now step into that picture by taking the right action now…

That’s all there is to it…the rest is laid out for you every step of the way…

Here Are Your Free Bonus Gifts

In addition to this two day LIVE seminar, you’ll also get free unlimited access to these FREE bonus gifts in the VIP package.

They include:

1. FREE discovery session to uncover the area of life YOU need to work on to turn your life around {297 euro value}

2. FREE follow up session one month after the course is over {297 euro value}

3. FREE online pre-training that is worth the entire tuition all by itself {997 euro value}

4. FREE online Kick-Off Meeting that will make sure enter the training in the right mindset {497 euro value}

5. FREE Online 7-day Review Meeting that will double the value of the training {497 euro value}

6. FREE Lifetime Alumni Privileges                               {€ priceless €}

7. FREE Dinner with Suze on Friday night                       {€ priceless}

If you know me, you also get many more surprise bonus gifts …

You’ve got no excuse now not to succeed with my mentoring program because not only do I show you how to build a list at little to no cost… and reveal a bunch of neat ways to gain access to other people’s lists by gaining access to my network of students via our online Master Mind Group.

Our Format for Convenience and Mastery

I firmly believe that participating in Your Money or Your Life™ is the best decision you can make for your business, your family and your financial freedom. That’s why I’ve structured the program to make it easy to learn … and convenient to participate.


Here’s how I much love my students

You also Get Lifetime “Alumni” Access

What probably makes my training unique is the “Lifetime Alumni” status I award to each of my students.

Once you become an Unlock Your Life™ Student, you don’t have to pay my full tuitions on any course ever again. You will ALWAYS get into my programs at half price (on the original price)

Hundreds of my Alumni Students feel this benefit alone is worth the price of admission because they tell me how much more they learn in the coninuig education and mentorship.

So I encourage you to make your decision now and get registered by clicking the big, juicy “registration button” you see below 😉

Now You’ve Got No More Excuses

That’s all there is to it…the rest is laid out for you every step of the way…

There’s more … because you’re also protected by … my famous 100% Risk-Free WIN-LOSE Guarantee.
When you read this, you know you’re ready…

Here’s My Famous Win/Lose Guarantee

For this live seminar there is no refund. I WANT you in the room! I WANT you to win this game. And to PLAY it FULL OUT. I HATE losing students and I will do whatever I can to make sure you take action and DO it!

Attend The Annual Reunion Event

Thank you for reading this far! There’s one more final point I want to share with you as you make your decision to register for Your Money or Your Life today … it’s called the “Annual Reunion Event”

This is a small workshop environment for those who are committed to the leadership, learning and living the lifestyle I’ve championed over the years.

As a graduate, you’re eligible to attend this private event, and I hope you’ll be able to make it.

I consider it a “Seminar Paradiso” of sorts because there’s so much joy, happiness and delight shared on one full magic day and it happens each year … around the time of my birthday in October.

Frankly, it’s the best birthday present I can ever give to myself and I encourage you to do the same with your students that you will learn to attract after completing my Your Money or Your Life Program.


Let’s wrap this up

After all this, you know it’s possible to live a life in Financial Harmony, use your talents and gifts and be happy without sacrifcing your life. Year after year …

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