Growing a business without working 80 hour weeks, without compromising your life, values, relationships or kids, is NOT the thing we see around us as ‘way it works’ … which is why we have created the Money Miracles Business Miracles Academy, starting with the foundational Money Miracles Course

Next starting date: July 6th 2022!

If you are reading this page, chances are you have a business or you are starting a business alongside a corporate job that you want to get out of.

You really want to grow and make a bigger impact in this world using your OWN talents and energy. You have a goal. You are on a mission. You have something important to contribute and you want to create the freedom to do that the way YOU believe it should be done. You are ALL IN, and willing to do whatever it takes. Work late nights. Work extra hard. Take all the courses.

Except…. The price this is taking on your health and personal life is high. Too high. And you know it. But hey, if this is what success takes, then you pride yourself over your willingness to do it and succeed. You are aware of the cost. But that is just part of the deal. When you look around, the only examples you see are people that are willing to work 80 hour weeks, and that is just the facts. So.

If this is difficult, then that is just what it will be. You take it ALL.

But…. what if life was supposed to be EASY? What if making money was supposed to be EASY? What if this is NOT bringing you closer to your goals?

What if this ‘working hard’ is actually the one thing KEEPING you FROM your goals?

Hi, I’m Suze Maclaine Pont, internationally recognized Trauma Therapist, Business Coach and pioneer in the world of authentic living, entrepreneurship, money mindset and creating business from your soul’s purpose without compromise. 

I believe that what you set out to do in this world is a sacred, soul-driven process that is simple and authentic. I am living proof that you can easily make money and make an impact by doing what YOU love and care about. I am also the living proof that you can overcome any pain from your past. In my twenties I was suicidal, did not value anything in myself and honestly didn’t see any way out. I lived week by week, during periods of deep depression and anxiety. And I overcame ALL of it. I am the living proof that you can clear all your fears and blocks from the past, that you can invoke a flow of love in your life (no matter what happened) and you can fully participate in connection with life and the people around you. And you don’t have to work 80 hours a week for that, you don’t have to sacrifice your relationships or children (or whatever in your life) for that. And that does not involve feelings of fear or emptiness. 


We are taught from an early age that we should ‘set goals’. That we have to ‘go for something’, and when that is achieved, THEN there is a reward. But….. what if after each goal you achieve you start running AGAIN? What if you feel rushed, stressed or anxious and connection with others is not always obvious? What if you are always living on the verge of burning out? If you doubt your goals? Do you often feel like a stranger in this world, while you have a lot to bring? 


The price is just too high. It should be easier!




I know that that is hard to hear. Especially since you have been so adamant about it for so long. Specially since you see NO ONE take an ‘easy’ road. But let’s pause for a minute. What if it COULD be easy? And what if, with ease, you would not only reach your goals faster, but get WAY further than you ever imagined? I am here to tell you that life was meant to be EASY. Business was meant to be EASY. Creating success was meant to be EASY. There are very good reasons to think it should be hard. Very convincing sounding reasons. But that doesn’t make them TRUE.


Fact is: there are a few things that hardly any entrepreneur really understands. Some things that you are about to figure out. Certain things that make the impact 10x bigger BY working less, doing less, taking care of you and actually IMPROVING your health and life fulfillment.


Agreed: the easy route is not for everyone. You need to be ALL INN towards showing up in life as full as possible. Not ‘just to create success’, but to ACTUALLY embrace your inner soul, your calling, the one thing YOU set out to contribute on this planet. Committed to creating the most fulfilled life you can possibly imagine, because it is YOUR life. Your contribution. On your terms. With YOUR energy fueling it. Commitment of the kind that wants to build momentum by accessing the best success and support system ever designed in the business training world. Because your contribution MATTERS. Not just to YOU. But to the world we are creating together. The world we want to live in! Running a successful impactful business requires a lot. That is true. But despite what anyone around you is telling you or showing you, it does NOT require sacrifice. On the contrary. The sacrifices you are making now to ‘get’ the success, hoping that the success will then bring you freedom, are keeping you further away from your goals if anything…


The problem is, we simply never learned how goal setting and creating a vision for our business  REALLY works! We do set goals, but are those the goals YOU really want? Are they ACTUALLY creating your future you, or are they based on memories and pain of your past? 

We learn from an early age that other people’s goals (school, parents, people around us) are more important than our inner goals. And you are so different already. So to stay connected we learn to adapt our goals to the people around us. We start creating our future from memories of our past and external focus rather than from a vision of our true souls’s future. In the hope that in this way we achieve success and create happiness. You even think that’s what you really want. Except, it’s SO HARD! Peace and deep relaxation is hard to find in your life. You are not really satisfied with what you achieve. Even when you MEET your goals, there is restlessness, anxiety, fear. You have a nice story and it all looks fine from the outside, but what YOU want deep inside can trigger all kinds of anxious feelings inside yourself. Fear of losing connection. Fear of emptiness. Fear of losing everything if you let go. 


What is missing in your business and goal setting process is your Soul’s True Vision. Yes, the scary one. The one that your ego has a hard time actually believing and embracing. 

We CANNOT create freedom by putting ourselves aside and ‘fighting for’ something. 


What we NEED to do is remove all the internal barriers that we have placed between ourselves and freedom. Then our life unfolds by itself. Not from our past, but from what our soul came to DO here. From a vision of our future instead of from the memories of our past. 



However, before you can achieve this, the elements that I see most Entrepreneur’s needs are…

1). A deep understanding of their personal Soul mission in life

2). Deep roots to be able to stay present and focused while life hits you

3). Certainty about who you are and what you actually contribute to

4). A deep understanding of money and your relationship with money

5). A product ecosystem that clients line up for based on their OWN energy, not your ‘sales tricks’

6). The ability to convert in one to one or one to many situations online and offline

7). The skills to communicate your message to your target audience

8). The exact right community of people surrounding them that ACTUALLY support and not just push harder




In our years of helping Experts and Entrepreneurs 4x their business, it’s almost always come down to these 8 elements.

Once you create the strong roots and energy system fueling your business there will be other challenges, for now, this is where you are. And this is where you set out to be from day 1. Right?


You never set out to earn all the money, you wanted the impact and the change. You never set out to be the rich guy everyone scorns, you just wanted to create YOUR voice. All the ‘big goals’ you stated had nothing to do with your hearts desire if you’re honest. All they ever were were a way of ‘getting to a place where you believed you could trust yourself’. And I am not taking them away from you. You don’t have to choose. You can have it all!


But you need to know 1 thing:


 Money is NOT the vehicle to get you to the place of trust and security. Itis the result of you trusting your own inner power and energy.




Who is the Money Miracles Business Academy for? 

I work with mostly highly gifted, extremely talented men and women, just like you, who have incredible gifts and are here to make this world the most beautiful place you can imagine, through your gifts, your work and who you are deep inside. The only problem is that on some level you are stuck and scared to fully create and embody that vision. Afraid that the transition to the next level will involve sacrifices you don’t want to make, choices you can’t foresee the consequences of. Afraid you might not be able to. Afraid of being alone. Afraid that you are already so different and if you start showing yourself you will lose everything and everyone. Afraid that no one is really interested in the real you. Afraid you’re not enough. Afraid of losing everything if you let go. Afraid to leave the safe place you’ve built so far. You feel anxious, without necessarily knowing the reason. Paralysed. On a hamster wheel. Maybe not in ALL areas in life. Maybe some are ok. But the entirety of your life is more something you are trying to push towards than that you know HOW to embrace the vision and MAKE it happen, no questions asked. 

You see ‘big’ people effortlessly creating a good life, being in joy, hitting their goals, feeling happy, understanding what they are doing and where they are going and wondering what magic formula they have that you don’t?!

You know somewhere deep down that you have A LOT MORE to offer, you just don’t know how to focus your energy. How you relate to others. You set goals, you tackle things, and yet… you feel out of control in many parts of life. You’ve done all the courses, so you’re convinced that you should just stop complaining and start DOING what you KNOW. 


Chances are…

● You feel a strong passion for what you do and you are following all the ‘right’ people, thinking that by working harder and pushing more you will hit success

● You are looking for the ‘perfect recipe’ that will ‘get’ you ‘there’ so that you can enjoy life after reaching the goals

● You think you just need a better system

● You think you know what to do and just need to push harder or longer

● Your health is not as it should be, and if you’re honest you are burning out quicker than you like to admit – but hey, a day off once a while does wonders, right?

● You listen to too many people and try to implement it all – priding yourself over the fact that you are still able to focus. But are you really knowing what you are doing?

● You don’t feel “safe” to trust your own intuition, because all the big guys probably know better than you do

● You feel like you might lose everything if you take your foot off the gas…

● You even feel like you’re on a hamster wheel although that is hard to admit…

You convince yourself that this time the plan will work, but how often have you said that? You convince yourself that this is what it takes. That this sets you apart from the ‘mediocre’ entrepreneurs. But secretly you are worried over your health…

You convince yourself that your launch will work this time. But you are keeping your side job ‘just in case’… Yet you know deep down you KNOW have it in you.

You just don’t really feel like you have a business. Yet. But you’re working on it……. Is what you say to yourself. From the outside, it looks like you have your s***t together.

For you, it feels like you are just trying to do what all the big guys are telling you, not really certain of anything except your own ambition. And you sometimes wonder why people would pay you.

One more year of this and it would be better just staying or getting a job.

The thing is…


You know your potential.

You know the impact you want to create for yourself and your family.

You know what it is you can do for the world around you.

And you know that you need help.

You’ve bought the courses…

You have invested in programs…

You have trusted the ‘guru’s…

And it brought you where you are, today.


So you start doubting yourself and pushing the voice of doubt down as hard as you can.

If you could just get rid of that voice, everything will work out. You tell yourself….



The problem?


You need YOUR plan.

You need YOUR business model.

You need what will work for YOU.

You need to know what is ACTUALLY stopping you (not money, I can assure you!!)

You need to trust YOU.

You need to focus and know where you should spend your time.

Not a cookie-cutter plan trying to follow or trust some big guy.


You have NO CLUE what is REALLY stopping you! If you did, you would HAVE your results already!! It is NOT the ‘time’ or ‘one recipe’ that is your problem! Every Entrepreneur and expert we worked with has a different set of advantages… A different personality… An energy that is different.


The thing is: you came to this world to bring YOUR contribution. And only YOU know what that means.

Over the past few years, we have helped more than 500 coaches, speakers, consultants, healers and business owners to become profitable and make a bigger impact without compromising. Using their OWN energy and talents, With our work, we not only had an impact on businesses but many of our clients had better relationships, became better parents, less stress, could take holidays again and finally felt comfortable and proud in their own skin.

By working LESS! By slowing down. By trusting them SELVES.

Not to mention the millions of lives that have been transformed along the way through the impact that these people have in their own tribes, families and friends.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone’s eyes when they see the light!”

Then don’t hesitate and join us.


Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

Join the Money Miracles Course. Next one starts on 6 Jully 2022

Suze Maclaine Pont is the author of eight powerful trainings seminars where she teaches entrepreneurs how YOU can grow your business from your true power, where ever you are, whatever life throws on your plate. Not by using any ‘tricks’ or ‘recipes’ but by leveraging your OWN core strength. The Divine Warrior is the Ultimate week where she dives into the processes that she uses herself to create anything in life you want!


I have mentored some of the top experts in every imaginable field.


Health and fitness…


Business consulting…





Photography and Video…




I don’t pretend to know everything. I don’t pretend to be a guru.


There are things in business which I know like the palm of my hand. Sales, product creation, business strategy, conversion, technologies… They are my cup of tea business wise.

But there are many business coaches out there that can help you with that.


There are many things about people which I know as well. Trauma’s, childhood, family relationships, parenting, creating harmony and balance… They are my cup of tea ‘people wise’.

But there are many life coaches out there that can help you with that.




My real GOLD is that I am both a trauma therapist AND a business coach. And I have the extraordinary ability to pin down in a few minutes where you are really stuck in life and how THAT is affecting your business, and help you pull the needle out where it is blocking your flow.


To see the unconscious patterns that are REALLY holding you back. And to teach you how to trust. Your. Self. And create the business YOU were supposed to create. By working the amount of hours that you were meant to work (I can assure you, not 80 ;-). In harmony with your life, kids, relationships and values.


People I work with get better in ALL areas of life.


Not by hitting business goals and then trying to ‘buy a life’, but by becoming the person they were born to be, and through THAT reaching their impact naturally, easily and quickly.


The beauty is: your money and business will show me exactly where the pain is. We marry trauma therapy with business coaching. And teach you how to grow your business by slowing down. Slowing down to the point where you are accelerated by the natural life force.


We don’t teach you to ‘take a break’ so that you can start pushing hard again.


We teach you to find your own inner harmony, and accelerate like YOU were supposed to. And we are there. Every step of the way. With whatever life throws at you.


That’s why we have such a high success rate and we have been working with some clients for more than 4 years.





So, here’s the thing: We realized that most programs aren’t as good as they could be. We know, because… we have worked with a lot of people who built them.


Hundreds of people attended our courses, training and events.


Also, I have set up 14 different businesses over the past 21 years of being an entrepreneur, and I have coached and trained major CEOs of major corporations as well as small startups, in different companies, industries and expertise.


We have tried everything, ourselves or seen our clients try. We tried to create success by working hard. We tried to create success by ‘being smart’. We tried to follow the right recipe. Hire the right coach. Use the right system. Invest in the right tool.


And every time I have seen that REAL goals follow people that are able to bring their TRUE selves to the table. Their core energy. Their true soul. And we created something based on all of that. Not just in my own business. But with every single person, I worked with in the past 20 years. In all industries I have worked in.


That is unique, impactful and saves you years – and tons of frustrations and tears – in building your business.


While my 1 to 1 work is focused to support businesses who are over the 6 figure mark, we wanted to create a high-impact way to work with coaches, speakers and experts who are ready to grow and expand their business and learn to use THEIR energy.

Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

This is why I created The Money Miracles Course.

It works like this… In all of our programs, we work BOTH on your business AND your life. By working on both these two simultaneously, for one FULL year, we create change. Permanent change. Lasting change. And you have me looking over your shoulder, warning you for your old well practiced patterns again and again for the ENTIRE YEAR.


 The Money Miracles Course is our foundational Course where we look your relationship with money and heal your relationship with both your Souls mission and create a place where your biggest resistance becomes your internal support. 


So that you will ACTUALLY build from a place of peace, purpose, joy and harmony! We take you through the entire process of developing the roots you need to grow your business from your core whatever life throws on your plate. And we help you develop the business processes that will work for You. With certainty. Clarity. Purpose. Harmony and Joy. Without selling your Soul….


Let me explain the full picture and all the steps for the Money Miracles Course:

This is a one month Foundational course where we take you DEEP into the roots developing process. We work on your MISSION, the BLOCKS that are stopping you and how you can build a solid business around your OWN ENERGY.

1) 1 LIVE Zoom Group Kick off call to start the online course on the right foot

2) 3 LIVE Zoom coaching calls, right after every module that you take in the online course

3) 1 LIVE Zoom review call to celebrate and revise what happened


 Also available as a Do It Yourself course, without the coaching sessions so you can through it at your own pace at a lower rate (NOTE: the coaching is done by Suze herself and IS the most transformational coaching most people have ever experienced in their entire life (and most of our clients have done a LOT of healing work prior).



BONUS: After review of our work, you will have a 1-on-1 strategy call with me (€ 497)

*only in the FULL course, not with the DIY version!

This recorded and extremely valuable call will allow us to fill in any of the blanks and then give you your specialized plan of action for the period after our work. This is literally going to give you access to the best strategy for going forward in your business, based on all the expertise, knowledge and seeing what works from across hundreds of Entrepreneurs we have worked with.

No trying to figure out “what’s next”.



This is already an insane amount of value. But we did not want to stop here.


The way we have been growing our Money Miracles Business Academy to be THE BEST program you can find in the market for experts is to listen to our members over the year and add resources and support when they need it.

This is why by joining now you will also have access to:

BONUS: Miracles Academy Private Community (€ 997)

*only with the FULL course, not part of the DIY – that come with a secret Facebook group but not with the exclusive private Community


You will be part of an exclusive community of Miracles Academy Members that are ready to support you every step of the way. Because everyone is fully invested in the program, they will also be fully invested in your success.



As you can see…

We thought about everything. We have developed this program for the past 5 years and more than 100 people already joined us and committed to themselves and their businesses fully.


They decided to go ALL IN because they understood it is THE ONLY WAY to make it work if you want to create something you are proud of and that makes an impact. 


If you look at the value you’re having here, you will have to spend more than € 25,476 to buy all these elements separately (which people ACTUALLY do!)


Today, you have the ability to invest starting with the foundational Money Miracles Course, or deciding on the full Academy right now (starting at 12 monthly payments of 555) This is the lowest price you will ever get, and we are already thinking to increase the Money Miracles Business Academy to € 7,777

We are known to raise our prices – so DON’T wait and think.

People have regretted doing that…..

What is my investment?

We only start with a maximum of 10 new people at a time maximum so apply now before your seat is taken by someone else!

Money Miracles ‘Do It Yourself’

3 module course with Bonus ‘Mission Miracles’ Course as pre-training

€ 999

€ 222

*excluding VAT

*this offer will change to the regular price July 5th

The button below sends you to the order form for the Money Miracles foundational course. You will receive immediate access to the online modules. The coaching dates will be sent to you by our team on the next weekday. 


Yes, I want to start!

Money Miracles with 5 deep Group Coaching sessions

€ 2222

€ 1111

*excluding VAT

*this offer will change to the regular price July 5th

The button below sends you to the order form for the Money Miracles foundational course. You will receive immediate access to the online modules. The coaching dates will be sent to you by our team on the next weekday. 


Yes, with coaching please!

do to the nature of the coaching there are no refunds

*All prices exclude 21% VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Academy start and is it possible to start immediately?

The doors to our Academy open on July 6th 2022. As soon as you have made your first payment you will get access to the first part of the Academy: the Money Miracles Course.

This is where you will build your foundation in the first month or the work.

It is a three module course that resets your entire relationship with money and creates a foundation inside of you from which your internal resistance becomes your best friend.


During the first month of the Academy there will be coaching calls, but the sooner you dive in the more you will get out!

Can my business partner/friend/spouse join the Academy?

Suze is a big believer of doing this work  together with your business partners or spouse. When you apply for the Business Academy, you will be invited for a call. On the call you can discuss the rate for partners with her and see if going through it together would benefit you and your journey.

There is a strict personal element to the Academy, so your application is not transferable or shareable with anyone else without extra cost and Suze’s consent!

We share very vulnerable deep trauma work in the course, and it is strictly forbidden to have other people join secretly!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Of course there is. Payment plans come with an extra fee for administration, but we can offer you a plan to suit your means. Please contact us here: [email protected]