Hi, we are team Suze

Creating a business that delivers value to clients, can never be all about ‘me’. I have a team that has my back. So you get the best of me. And them. 

These people are the real stars that have my back 100% of the time!

Hi, I am Suze. You can read a lot about me on the ‘about Suze’ page. But what you can’t find there is this: I am a creator. I create 1000 idea’s per minute.

That sounds great, but….. although I have enough ideas to start two companies a week, to sustain a business you also need people to finish things. And structure things. And produce and organise the back end systems. 

 I create all the programs and content. But to make it be delivered to you….. I desperately need the following people:

Hi, I am Jakko. I am Suze’s husband. And I am a mechanic. I love to finish things. The first thing I see is what is missing. What needs to be fixed. Details. I always look for improvement. How can we create your experience to be TOP of the bill? That is what makes me tick. 

You will always see me at the back of the room at the seminars, where I do whatever it takes to support your journey. Besides that, I am responsible for the development of  the Life Make Over coaching program. 

Hi, I am Kees Pieter. I am a star. I shine my light on Suze and ensure the performance of the events is the very best you can get. Suze’s work has been of paramount importance in my own life. I feel that this work needs to be grown as big as possible. I do whatever it takes to help her shine on stage. 

You will find me at the back of the room and can ask me anything. I am available at all times when Suze is not available. 

Only YOU can create the context for your full potential to flourish. Stop waiting for life to create it for you. Or money to enable you. We are here to help!

We all hear that ‘entrepreneurs need a team’. Yes, we do. More than anything.

A loyal team, that has our back. And that is scary. It requires responsibility. But if you want the world to have what you have to give, you cannot do it all by yourself. You just can’t.

For two reasons. You simply need to do what you do best. And you need the context to thrive around you. Daily. And this too requires your Inner Game to change. Because we just won’t build what we need, and we won’t do what we came here to do alone. 

The minute you change your Inner Game, the Outer Game ALWAYS follows.

Too many people are dying with their music still inside.
Don’t let that be you!