It’s time for the Ultimate

Procrastination Buster

What if there was a REAL way to end all procrastination and navigate your business through all of these crises, without waiting it out, working 80 hours a week without the results you want, burning out or sacrificing your kids, relationships and life?

Suze Maclaine Pont helps you to create The Ultimate Procrastination Buster 

Live Online Zoom Masterclass: Friday 14th October 2022    

CET 15:00 – 18:00 (Amsterdam) EST 9 pm – 12 pm (New York) – BST 14:00 – 17:00 (London)

Only so much time to stop Procrastinating!








 In today’s chaotic world with pandemics, wars and climate crises hitting us from all sides, most entrepreneurs think they only have three options…


  1. Waiting it out – trying to stay low until it is all over
  2. Work themselves into the ground to fight for their financial goals – sacrificing family time, health, and happiness along the way while NOT reaching their goals….
  3. Compromise on their dreams – not achieve financial freedom so that they can spend time with their family and feeling guilty, ashamed, empty while keeping up appearances saying you ‘choose’ this

Procrastination ultimately always means:

you are postponing YOUR dreams, YOUR future, you are NOT stepping into YOUR power and showing up the way YOU need to! 

Join me in this livestream workshop in which you will learn in what ways procrastination shows up, WHY we do it, what it is trying to do FOR us (yes, procrastination is trying to work FOR us!!!!), how it is related to trauma from early childhood, how you should be listening to it, and what to do to start navigating out of the circle you are stuck in.

In this workshop I will teach you the one skill that EVERY entrepreneur needs RIGHT NOW to come out of any crisis a stronger person than you entered it. The skill of USING your sabotage mechanisms FOR you, so that all of that energy starts propelling you forward instead of holding you back. 

Let’s create CONTROL over your own economical destiny and your impact on the world that is emerging WITHOUT working 80 hours or sacrificing your values, kids or life. 

RIGHT NOW you are exactly in the right place, whatever is going on in the world around us.




Your are probably looking for the BEST system out there to implement and reach your goals. To create an impact. You are willing to do whatever it takes. Willing to stop at nothing to make it happen. But….. somehow…. every time you start doing what you KNOW you ‘should’ do, something comes up. 


Another lockdown. Another crisis. Change of economy. Inflation. War. People around you. Money. 

And every time you think you have figured it out, everything is already in the next mode. It feels like you keep trying to ‘catch up’ without ever feeling stability. All you want is just to catch a breath. Feel safe. 

You KNOW what to do. Or at least you think you do. Sometimes you even second guess that. Because it is taking a looooooong tome for results to show up…..


But hey, isn’t it hard for everyone right now? Let’s just wait it out. See how things progress. It will change. Eventually. 


And yes, it will. It WILL change. 

The only question is: will it change in your favour?


We can’t wait! Winter is coming and YOU need to be ready for it!


The problem is: the world is changing at the speed of light. And all of our old mechanisms simply don’t work (if they ever did, but that is another story). We can’t try to ‘get to a safe space’, we need to progress with the shifts.  

We need to use a very different navigation system. We need to develop a new compass. 

The most dangerous thing we could possibly do right now is wait it out. Hope for things to go back to the old and familiar. 


And seriously: would you actually WANT that?


I don’t think so. I think you want to be part of the new emerging system. 

I think you want to BE an answer instead of hoping for someone else to come with one. 


And that means YOU need to play a new game. 

YOUR GAME. Using YOUR inner compass. 

The interesting thing is: all of your sabotaging patterns, like procrastination, self sabotage and other things, are NOT working against you. They are rooted in deep childhood trauma, and are actually assisting you to FIND your new game. 


In this workshop we will go deep into all of these mechanisms, how they work, what they mean, and most importantly: how to build that new compass.


Especially in this worldwide chaos we need YOU to be not only determined, but also grounded in your own energy. If you don’t play full out now exactly the way you ARE, you might lose everything you have built up. We can not ‘just survive’, we need to elarn to THRIVE. And the chaos around us is the exact right envirnoment to learn it.


We need to stop sacrificing. Stop working two jobs. Stop following all the online trainings you can find. Stop reaching mountain tops. 

You need to stop trying to ‘get’ anywhere, and start showing up as you ARE.

Secretly, deep down, you are aware that the price of the way you are pushing forward or waiting out right now high…. too high if you are really honest. I am not the first to tell you that reaching your goals should never cost you your health, relationships or life. But you just haven’t seen anyone around you do it in any other way. So, isn’t this just the way it works?


The problem is that no one ever showed you how to use or even FIND your own inner compass.


There are simply not a lot of attractive role models out there who are ACTUALLY just showing up as themselves. All you see is men on stages telling you that the most successful people are just the ones who are prepared to put in more work. Not very attractive, but hey, if that is what it takes, then that is what you will do. You take PRIDE in reaching those goals. And you are bloody serious about it! GAME ON!

But have you ever asked yourself this: are the systems and ‘recipes’ you are trying to follow really in line with YOUR unique talents?

Are you REALLY working at your best and leveraging YOUR talents? OR are you trying to ‘get’ somewhere hoping that that place will bring you freedom?

What if there was an EASY way to reach your goals, or better yet, to exceed them, without working so hard, and actually ENJOYING the process?

You don’t need anything other than what you have and you don’t need to be anything or anyone else than you ARE to create an impact, serve, reach your REAL life goals and create a flow in your bankaccount.


More over: you can do this without sacrificing yourself, your life or your values. And if there was EVER a time where you can learn what this REALLY means, it is NOW. Waiting for ‘business as usual’ to return is pointless. What you should be doing instead is asking yourself these questions:


Is pushing through sabotage REALLY what I need? Or am I just trying to 'make it work' and neglecting my true intuition?


What is the ACTUAL root cause of success if it doesn't HAVE to be working yourself towards burn out?


If one recipe does not fit all, then how do I find MY recipe that works for ME?


What ARE my unique talents, and how can I start leveraging those?


How do I listen to my intuition when the world around me is in crisis mode?


How do I choose my own path when everyone is in survival mode and it doesn't seem relevant right now?


How do I create a way to DEAL with procrastination?


How do I see opportunities when one crisis is following the next?


How do I get to a place where the crisis starts working FOR me instead of against me?


How do I steer away from what the rest is doing without losing connection with reality?


How do I let go of old patterns without losing everything?


How can I choose my own path without fear when the economy is on the verge of collapse?

You ARE the answer. Not the victim…… despite the state the world is in.


So stop waiting and prepare your SELF to play YOUR game and follow YOUR inner compass

Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

Join the LIVE 3 hour Workshop 'The Ultimate Procrastination Buster' on October 14th 2022

Suze Maclaine Pont is the author of eight powerful trainings seminars where she teaches entrepreneurs how YOU can grow your business from your true power, where ever you are, whatever life throws on your plate. Not by using any ‘tricks’ or ‘recipes’ but by leveraging your OWN core strength. 

Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay of the event?

Yes! We will send you a replay the day after the Masterclass, so you can rewatch it or view any parts you missed in your own time and at your own speed. 

What time does the event start and how long will the masterclass be?

The Masterclass will start at 15.00 Amsterdam Time (GMT +1) and will end at 18.00 but it might run longer if you ask great Questions…! 

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I don't have any problems at this moment (my business is doing great, I still have enough money and customers) -- how will this help me?

This Masterclass will teach you a whole lot more than practical business skills. Suze is traumatherapist and teaches you in depth skills on how to deal with fear, insecurity, but most of all how to deal with who you are no matter WHAT life throws on your plate. From your core, YOUR gifts, YOUR talents, YOUR life. True freedom. Independant of ‘circumstances’.

What if I have a question that you don't adress?

No problem! Let’s talk – connect with me by sending an email to [email protected]