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It’s time to create your future from the vision of who you ARE deep inside instead of the memory and pain of your past!

It’s time to unlock the next chapter of your life.

Join us in the Divine Warrior Retreat!

21 – 28 September  2024 at my home, in Voorst, the Netherlands

Are you ready to live from your authentic true self, without masks, without compromises? Are you ready to FULLY embrace YOUR life, the one only YOU can do, in this lifetime (instead of your false fear masks and pain from your past)? 

Are you ready to not so much ‘set goals’ but really live from the inside out? Live IN the moment, knowing that you are answering life NOW, WHATEVER it throws on your plate from a place of deep knowing, deep trust and clear inner guidance? 

Are you ready to live life from a place of deep connection with yourself while deepening and restoring the connection with your loved ones and the world around you? 

Hi, I’m Suze Maclaine Pont, internationally recognized Trauma Therapist, Business Coach and pioneer in the world of authentic living, entrepreneurship, money mindset and creating business from your soul’s purpose without compromise. 

I believe that what you set out to do in this world is a sacred, soul-driven process that is simple and authentic. I am living proof that you can easily make money and make an impact by doing what YOU love and care about. I am also the living proof that you can overcome any pain from your past. In my twenties I was suicidal, did not value anything in myself and honestly didn’t see any way out. I lived week by week, during periods of deep depression and anxiety. And I overcame ALL of it. I am the living proof that you can clear all your fears and blocks from the past, that you can invoke a flow of love in your life (no matter what happened) and you can fully participate in connection with life and the people around you. And you don’t have to work 80 hours a week for that, you don’t have to sacrifice your relationships or children (or whatever in your life) for that. And that does not involve feelings of fear or emptiness. 


We are taught from an early age that we should ‘set goals’. That we have to ‘go for something’, and when that is achieved, THEN there is a reward. But….. what if after each goal you achieve you start running AGAIN? What if you feel rushed, stressed or anxious and connection with others is not always obvious? What if you are always living on the verge of burning out? If you doubt your goals? Do you often feel like a stranger in this world, while you have a lot to bring? 


The price is just too high. It should be easier!

The problem is, we simply never learned how goal setting and creating a vision for our life  REALLY works! We do set goals, but are those the goals YOU really want? Are they ACTUALLY creating your future you, or are they based on memories and pain of your past? 

We learn from an early age that other people’s goals (school, parents, people around us) are more important than our inner goals. And you are so different already. So to stay connected we learn to adapt our goals to the people around us. We start creating our future from memories of our past and external focus rather than from a vision of our true souls’s future. In the hope that in this way we achieve success and create happiness. You even think that’s what you really want. Except, it’s SO HARD! Peace and deep relaxation is hard to find in your life. You are not really satisfied with what you achieve. Even when you MEET your goals, there is restlessness, anxiety, fear. You have a nice story and it all looks fine from the outside, but what YOU want deep inside can trigger all kinds of anxious feelings inside yourself. Fear of losing connection. Fear of emptiness. Fear of losing everything if you let go. 


What is missing in your life and goal setting process is your Soul’s True Vision. Yes, the scary one. The one that your ego has a hard time actually believing and embracing. 

We CANNOT create freedom by putting ourselves aside and ‘fighting for’ something. 


What we NEED to do is remove all the internal barriers that we have placed between ourselves and freedom. Then our life unfolds by itself. Not from our past, but from what our soul came to DO here. From a vision of our future instead of from the memories of our past. 


The thing is this:

We CAN only create things in our lives that we can imagine in our minds first. If we can create a real inner experience about it. So we MUST set goals. We learn to set those goals from our past experience. And that won’t get you anywhere… because the strategies of our past have lead you to where you are today. Nowhere else!

So to create NEW things we CANNOT use the old strategies. But what CAN we do?


We will have to imagine a new future that we have NOT experienced yet. A future where we don’t have a CLUE what we have to ‘do’ to create it. We are going down an unknown path. And in order to do that we must learn to have certainty in OURSELVES. 


Goals are therefore only points of reference that move with the steps we take and the events in our lives. I teach you to take those steps from a certainty inside of YOU. And so, in that dance between who we are and what is happening around us, constantly setting our own direction, we create our lives. 


Creating a vision for your life, setting goals, doesn’t have to be scary, complicated or difficult. In this immensely powerful retreat, I will take you on a journey of inner shifts and powerful strategies that will activate your ability to create miracles and allow the flow of life in each area of your life and each part of who you are. We will go so deep that achieving what you write down here WILL come true. Feeling GREAT. No doubts. No if’s. No but’s. No anxiety. No maybe. Just certainty. Trust. Purpose. Joy. Love.


Would you stay in prison if the door was wide open?




Who is the Divine Warrior Retreat for?

I work with mostly highly gifted, extremely talented men and women, just like you, who have incredible gifts and are here to make this world the most beautiful place you can imagine, through your gifts, your work and who you are deep inside. The only problem is that on some level you are stuck and scared to fully create and embody that vision.

Afraid that the transition to the next level will involve sacrifices you don’t want to make, choices you can’t foresee the consequences of.

Afraid you might not be able to.

Afraid of being alone.

Afraid that you are already so different and if you start showing yourself you will lose everything and everyone.

Afraid that no one is really interested in the real you.

Afraid you’re not enough.

Afraid of losing everything if you let go.

Afraid to leave the safe place you’ve built so far.

You feel anxious, without necessarily knowing the reason. Paralysed. On a hamster wheel. Maybe not in ALL areas in life. Maybe some are ok. But the entirety of your life is more something you are trying to push towards than that you know HOW to embrace the vision and MAKE it happen, no questions asked. 

You see ‘big’ people effortlessly creating a good life, being in joy, hitting their goals, feeling happy, understanding what they are doing and where they are going and wondering what magic formula they have that you don’t?!

You know somewhere deep down that you have A LOT MORE to offer, you just don’t know how to focus your energy. How you relate to others. You set goals, you tackle things, and yet… you feel out of control in many parts of life. You’ve done all the courses, so you’re convinced that you should just stop complaining and start DOING what you KNOW. 

But…. what if that was NOT the problem? What if there’s something you DON’T know that you’re holding on to? 

The thought that you are stuck, that you are different, that your way is not understood or that you do not know what you really want or how to get there in deep connection with the people around you, brings you down. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you could make everything a great success without any resistance? That you could grow your Life’s Vision effortlessly in an AUTHENTIC way and simply live your life in connection with the people around you? 

The Divine Warrior Retreat is the most powerful retreat in this field, which will give you the inner shifts and simple strategies you need to consistently create flow and detach yourself at every level from the expectations of others and your old imprints. 

We will create a place within you of deep alignment with who you are, create a FULL Vision for your life, the life your Soul craves and the life you set out to live on this planet. In ALL area’s of life. 

We will create certainty and joy in you, and we will remove all blocks and create a plan very precisely tailored to YOU. A plan that feels easy and joyful. We’re not going to ‘plan and chase’ that next level, but we’ll teach you a way in which it will unfold in interaction with life that is constantly flowing. And we teach you how to deeply anchor that certainty in yourself so that you don’t lose the connection with yourself as you walk around the world. 

I bet you’re thinking, “Suze, how can you do that in a week-long retreat?!” 

It is not just a retreat. It is more comparable to a change process of a year. You achieve things in one week that some people don’t even achieve in a year’s journey. It took me 40 years to get to the point where we will get you in just 1 week. My clients are always amazed at the value of this retreat, compared to the programs and counseling they have spent ten thousand euros or more on. It is LITERALLY the process that took me from a suicidal mess to a deeply authentic, loving, purpose driven successful wife, mother and entrepreneur. 

Do you want to create a FULL Vision for your Life, based on excitement for the future rather than painful memories of the past?

Do you want your intentions, to all come true, every time you come up with something and put it out in the universe, it just "works out" without you having to work hard for it or chase after it?

Do you find choosing and directing your own lifeflow complicated and do you keep it off until….goal x is achieved or…..?

Do you feel that whatever you plan or want, life keeps throwing something else on your plate and you're never really free to do things YOUR way?

Do you want the people around you to actually be the loving support that you need without any fear of losing them?

Do you just want life to be BEAUTIFUL and enjoyable and you can step into the future with confidence even if you don't quite know exactly what it entails?

Do you feel confused about what exactly you want to achieve, which path you are walking or want to walk, or do you lack confidence when it comes to growing your business and how it aligns with other areas of your life?

Are you sometimes just overwhelmed by complicated feelings that keep you blocking your own way?

Are you burned out, living more for others than for yourself, do you have trouble connecting with others and how they live?

Then don’t hesitate and join us.


Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

Join the Divine Warrior Retreat 21-28th September 2024

Suze Maclaine Pont is the author of eight powerful trainings seminars where she teaches entrepreneurs how YOU can grow your business from your true power, where ever you are, whatever life throws on your plate. Not by using any ‘tricks’ or ‘recipes’ but by leveraging your OWN core strength. The Divine Warrior is the Ultimate week where she dives into the processes that she uses herself to create anything in life you want!


Does this sound like something you would want?


Like many of the people I work with, you’ve probably realized that how you live your life, how you run your business, how happy you are, and how you make choices and prioritize your life is an essential part of creating a successful life, and running a successful business. And that emotions and resistance greatly limit your potential! 

You want to live from a place where who you are, what you do and how you live are deeply aligned, so you can unleash your talent, the sales pour in and you feel a deep connection with the people around you. But what you’re currently doing to achieve that isn’t working…

Can you even imagine a place where that stuck feeling, all this resistance and that whole sense of not having certainty, constantly doubting yourself or spending money on the next course could turn into internal support? 

Imagine… that

*you create your Life’s Vision from effortless choices, without compromises, and build your business from a place of space, rest, abundance, fulfillment, no effort, just deep inner peace and connection

*you understand all your emotions, know where they are coming from and learn how REALLY deal with them – instead of suppressing them and fighting them

*you know exactly what to do when self-sabotage or resistance occurs, not by fighting it, but by becoming best friends with these inner parts

*you feel aligned with your true mission on this planet and know exactly how to build the life that suits YOU have

*you have an internal compass and you KNOW how it works and how to use it!

These are the exact results of myself and my clients who once had as much trouble planning, making choices and being true to yourself in the midst of life as you do.

Miracles are possible for you!


This is where the Divine Warrior Retreat can change your life and business, transforming your energy from spinning in circles and driven by fear, doubt and uncertainty to clarity, certainty, brings harmony, purpose and joy!

Er zijn een aantal dingen die krachtige ondernemers doen tijdens een crisis die maken dat ze er sterker uit komen. Maar dat is voor elk mens weer NET anders. DAARDOOR er zijn een aantal dingen die de overige ondernemers doen die ze respect, energie en succes kosten, leiden tot hard werken, zorgen, in rondjes rennen en afleiding zoeken en zelfkritiek. Het verschil zit hem NIET in een ‘magisch’ recept. Als je dan onderneemt, doe het dan vanuit je eigen KRACHT. Ik leer je hoe.

What is included in the Divine Warrior Retreat?

1 full week with Suze Maclaine Pont in her own private home

The Divine Warrior Retreat is a full 7 day program where we awaken the Divine Warrior in you. The warrior who comes to bring the Divine in you to this earth. We look at all areas of life and investigate what YOU want in them and create your FULL Life’s Vision. We determine what the first step is and what is holding you back. We have all kinds of special processes, meditations and experiences to conjure up your deepest desire and to transform your resistance into your greatest source of support.

This week you will be supported on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We take care of EVERYTHING including your bed this week and give you an absolute TOP experience. 


*A week fully catered in Suze’s private home with all the guidance you need from Suze and Jakko. 

*A private chef who optimally supports your entire process from breakfast to dinner.

*Powerful rituals that unlock your true potential.

*Powerful processes to bring out your resistance and transform that into support

*Simple processes that you can use every time you get stuck in life

*A plan that will take home that is irreversible. What you write down here WILL happen!

*A lot of surprises!!

Last year’s participants say:

“THIS has been the most powerful week in their lives. Everything I imagined here came true. 100%.”

“I thought I knew what happiness feels like, until now. I feel like I have felt true happiness flowing through my veins for the first time in my life!”

“This is the one week I will gift myself every year from now on for the rest of my life”

“I don’t know what Suze does, and I don’t care. I NEED this in my life. Everyone needs this in their life.”

“Just to be part of this deeply personal deeply intimate experience that Suze has created for us together with her entire family is SO special. Not many people in today’s world are so open, transparent and present. It is a gift just to be around that.”


For some their only regret is that they hesitated to come the year before….!

I’m 100% certain this week is going to transform YOUR path in a way you won’t lose!

But it doesn’t stop there – oh no! We start two weeks in advance with exercises, nutritional advice, a few preparatory exercises, a Zoom session. 



What would life be like if you….

* 100% believe in your ability to design your own life completely in freedom?

* had a process to create certainty inside yourself about that vision to a level that it WILL come true, no other outcome possible?

* have ultimate confidence and assurance that what you come here to do is RIGHT and that you can live in harmony with the world and be happy in YOUR way?

* feel joy, effortlessness and ease in life instead of anxiety, stress and worry? 

* know exactly what to do to determine your next step every time you get stuck or feel resistance, in a way that puts you on YOUR path, closer to yourself?

* you become the greatest source of inspiration for your loved ones and friends?

*you learn to find security in yourself?


Unlike any other coaching or course you’ve taken, this one is my unique combination of deep trauma work, powerful activation, energy, and simple tried-and-true strategies that I’ve used to unleash the miracles in my own life. 


Until last year, I only used this week for myself and didn’t share it with anyone. But inspired by the hundreds of people who asked me in recent years if they could join in on such a week, I started opening the door for a very small intimate group last year. 


This is my unique approach to living and taking care of yourself that you won’t find anywhere else. 


Are you looking forward to it? I am so excited I can hardly wait!

What is my investment?

The Divine Warrior retreat has a maximum of 10 participants and will sell out before Christmas

so apply now before your seat is taken by someone else!

Divine Warrior Application


€ 5555


A week fully catered in Suze’s private home with all the guidance you need from Suze and Jakko. 

*A private chef who optimally supports your entire process from breakfast to dinner.

*Powerful rituals that unlock your true potential.

*Powerful processes to bring out your resistance and transform that into support

*Simple processes that you can use every time you get stuck in life

*A plan that will take home that is irreversible. What you write down here WILL happen!

*A lot of surprises!!

*Price doesn’t include accommodation and travel


YES, it is my time!

Within 24 hours after your payment one of my team members will personally reach out to you with all the details you need!

The Retreat will start on September 21st in the afternoon and end September 28th in the morning, so you can go ahead and arrange your flights while we reach out to you with all of the details! 

*All prices exclude 21% VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I have paid?

Once you have paid, Suze and her team will will send you everything you need to know within 24 hours as well as a link to personally have a call with you.

What time does the event start and is it possible to a few days come early?

The retreat starts on Saturday at 6 pm. We will either collect you at noon at Schiphol airport or at any convenient time for you at Deventer train station and bring you to your hotel.

Can I bring my spouse or family?

Suze is a big believer of doing this retreat as a couple or even bringing your kids (age 14 or up). On the call you can discuss the rate for partners and kids with her and see if following the retreat together would benefit you and your journey or not.

You can always bring them along and have them stay together with you (at extra cost) so they have a beautiful holiday and you won’t have to explain everything when home. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Of course there is. Payment plans come with an extra fee for administration, but we can offer you a plan to suit your means. As long as the full payment is collected before the retreat we can work it out on the call. We do ask a down payment at application of 20% minimum. 

What happens if I can't travel due to covid regulations?

If travel is a problem due to covid regulations we will save your spot for the next dates. We do however have a very small and intimate group for this retreat, so other than covid travel regulations we allow no other fleixibility in changing dates without our consent.