Hi, my name is Suze

Most entrepreneurs think that creating a successful business AND a happy family is all about ‘compromise and pushing yourself’.

It is just this phase.

The problem with this is that you are sacrificing your hapiness in this moment, hoping to ‘waork yourself towards’ hapiness later on. And you never seem to quit get there.

Bills stack up. Income stalls. You pull everything off, but you are tired. Yelling more than you would like to. And lonely.

It feels as if you just need to do this one thing, and then…..

If you want to create Financial Harmony, you need to follow a very different path then you are on now.

I’ll teach you how!

I started my first business at 25. I was trained as a naval archtitect and I loved managing big innovation projects. I was very good at creating a context in which people could finally work from their heart on projects that involved their best talents. I won grants, created teams, worked internationally. Whenever a business owner asked me to help out with a project my heart resonated with, I ran with it.

My business flourished. I earned a LOT of money, had 4/5 months off for sailing, and I thought I had invented freedom. Until I got pregnant. Very unexpectedly – I thought I was infertile. I was faced with a compromise: doing different kind of work to earn the same, or not being present while my kid grew up. Neither was an option.

I was faced with my big ego. I thought I could do it ALL. I had a magic wand that just created whatever I wanted. Until it didn’t.

At first I tried to blame the circumstances. This was ‘just the phase I was in’. I thought there is no choice. I just had to find a way to cope. To make enough money, so I could… and that was what I started doing. Pushing myself towards ‘creating harmony ‘some day’…

Until one day I brought my daughter to school, and she asked me to wave at the door while she walked inside with her classmates. And I had a plane to catch and had to leave. There and then I learned the crucial key…

I wasn’t being true to ME. I had been trying to work on some outer circumstance, hoping that someday later on I could create and afford a different context. But in reality, that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was ME.

If you want to create YOUR context, you don’t have to work harder outside of something to create it. You don’t need more money, more projects, a better house, bigger kids, or whatever! You need to work on YOU.

The Physical results you are getting in your life, are merely a printout of what is going on on a subconscious level. In the plane of the mental, emotional and spiritual world. So if you don;t like what you see in your physical arena, you need to work on the other three until the printout changes…

And although that sounds simple – and felt like I was blaming myself for things I had no choice in – it was the best news I had discovered in years. Because if there is ONE thing I can change, it is ME! And I even knew how to do that.

I have been trained as a first mate on tall ships and I have learned how to find Inner Peace and act from that place in any given circumstance. All I needed to find out was what that meant on shore. And I did. Successfully.

Over the past 10 years I have trained hundreds of high performing teams, ceo’s, boards and business owners to master their Inner Game and use that as a basis to create your work in alignment with who you really are. How to live and work in harmony. REALLY putting yourself in service of the Mission, instead of ‘fighting for survival’ and then -maybe- serving. And act from Inner Peace, Harmony and Love instead of Stress, Pressure and Fear of failure – under any given circumstance. Specially where it comes to adding value and earning money.

When it comes to money, it is exactly the same as when it comes to truly adding your value. You might have been taught that money needs to be taken care of before you can live from Harmony, Purpose and Joy. We have been trained to think that money will provide all that.

In reality, money is never ever ever the problem. It is merely a RESULT of what’s going on inside you on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Once you get that, and change the Blueprint, the money takes care of itself.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing the sparkles in someones eyes – and the changes in their physical world – when they get it. When your paradigm shifts and you get from ‘knowing what to do’ to ‘implementing what you know’. When you become aware of the Money Blueprint that has driven you, and change it. When you get what drives you and allow THAT to create money. Succesfully.

There is also a deeper layer to my why. If you want to read more about that, just keep reading to the bottom of this page.

The one thing I have learnt in the process is that there is only one real truth: only YOU can create the context for your full potential to flourish. Stop waiting for life to create it for you. Or money to enable you.

Had you asked me 10 years ago -when my children where just born- I would have said that I was trying to build a context to protect my family before I unleashed my own life. But what I found to be true, is that there is only ONE problem that had to be solved. That was Me. While you can often see clearly what someone else should be doing, we are mostly unaware of our own inner game and how that is influencing our real life and results.

I found that it is really the only thing standing in any ones way. And that actually is GOOD NEWS.

Your Inner Game is EASY if you just learn some basic inner navigation.
I have coached and trained thousands of people and taught them the Inner Game principles.
They have all changed their game to a whole new level.

The minute you change your Inner Game, the Outer Game ALWAYS follows.


Too many people are dying with their music still inside.
Don’t let that be you!