About Suze Maclaine Pont

Hi, my name is Suze, 

I am Suze Maclaine Pont. Naval architect, leadership coach, trainer, first mate on sailing ships, mother of Benjamin and Rosalie, married to Jakko and author and person behind this website.

This website is the home of my life’s work. I teach entrepreneurs, small business owners and independant professionals -who also run a family- how to grow your business to high performance in harmony with your life! How to stop compromising ‘because of something outside of you’ and start creating the results you KNOW deep down you REALLY want. To have the IMPACT you know the world needs. Without compromising your family. Or your business. Or your health and wellbeing.

People come to me with questions like:

  • how can I find Inner peace and create results in my business at the same time?
  • how can I build my business without ending up in divorce, burn-out or kids who never saw me when they grew up?
  • how can I motivate my team to take FULL responsibility and stop doing all the work for them?
  • how can I get out of the ‘getting ready to get ready’ phase and start implementing?
  • how can I find Inner Peace?
  • how can I control this money thing so I can really focus on my purpose?
  • will I succeed if I try it MY way?
  • how can I stop worrying about what other people might do think or say and play FULL out from my heart?

The central question that drives me is this: ‘Why is money (or our worklife) and love (or our private life) so seperated? Why can we not just have ALL of what we want in one aligned life? Why even try to compromise?’ 

I have been asking these questions all my life. Both for myself and for people on teams I worked with. What I discovered for myself was this: We only give our BEST and FULL potential when they are deeply connected to LOVE. When all the money, fear, stress and lack issues are out of the way.

Once we are disconnected from it, we start to seek love. And approval. And we don’t give our best, we hope to get it from other people. And we start to perform at very low levels. ‘Wanting’ more money, blaming people around us, outer circumstances, while in reality, we are the ones that are disconnected. And the context is keeping us disconnected. We start to turn the cycle of giving and receiving upside down. We begin to only ‘give’ after we have received. Where in reality, we will only get from life once we truly give with all our hearts.

We will only give our best once the context invites us to connect to this potential of love. But…. as a small busines sowner or entrpreneur with a family, this context changes. Or so it seems. All of a sudden there are people depending on you for their safety and security, and love becomes something you can ‘get’ after you succeeded in providng that safety.

The question is: is that a real truth we are living, or is it ‘just what we see around us’?

Through most of my life I always thought that my father expected me to have the right answers all in one go. I thought he wouldn’t love me if I failed. I thought I had to earn his love. So I worked hard at many things. But never really putting my own heart and soul into it. I was so afraid to make a mistake, that I didn’t show more than maybe 20% of my potential. I thought I walked my own path. But secretly, I was numbing my own truth out so bad it hurt. Secretly ‘hoping’ that someone would see me, recognize me, love me. And then all would be well. This quest for his love drove me in every aspect. It drove me to work. It drove me to hide my real talents. It drove me to trying to get recognition. And I failed at all of that of course.

It hurt me, but I only really understood what I was doing when I almost lost my marriage and kids. That’s when I knew I had no choice. It was time to play FULL out.

On sailing ships where I sailed, this context was there. And people gave their best. Because the ship requires it. I knew that there are contexts that inspire love, even if someone isn’t able to feel it all the time.

So my question became: how can we create these contexts in any given situation?

That’s when I understood how to create a context in where people flourish. And that is what I teach to business owners and entrpreneurs. How to deal with loneliness, tough decisions, ethical dilemma’s, unmotivated group of people, the changing world that demands more changes and decisions daily -all from a context of LOVE. And how to create that. On purpose.

Many people ask me why I am so keen on love and inner work. Can’t you ‘just’ tell people to work from love and blame them if they don’t?

The simple answer is: no. Look at a class in school. With one teacher, the class are angels, in the other they tear the room apart. Same kids. Different context. The context is essential to what people will bring to work. Now of course the people have their own personal responsibility. But what I have seen and learned from all the hundreds of teams I have worked with, is that MOST people really WANT to give their full potential. They WANT to work with heart and soul, just like you do. They WANT to be deeply fulfilled by their work, just like you do.

Can’t you just change your work or your organisation and hope that that will solve all the problems? Again, sorry, but NO. If you can’t control the context, a change of content will never be a solution to any problem. Now of course some work might not be a fit for your purpose in life. You might thrive better doing something different. That could be true. But how is it possible that you ended up doing what you are doing? That tells you a lot about the context. So if you don’t fix that first, you will only haphazardly change anything.

And haphazardly is not the way you want your business to work. Let alone your family.

And yes, the same goes for trying to earn a fortune in a career that doesn’t fulfill you, hoping that ‘some day’ you might enjoy your ‘real life’

Two main reasons lead to this conclusion;

Reason 1: I have tried it. I have tried fiercely to change my outer circumstances for years, and I have not found a way. I have found some solutions, that give some results. Ofcourse. But in the end, they always end up being a solution ‘for as long as’…. and I like to see answers that WORK. Predictably. Always. So I like my solutions to be based on something I can trust, and something I have power over. And the only thing in the world I have complete control and power over happens to be my Inner Game.

So if you want to have 100% freedom, choice, responsibility and control, it is simply the only solution.

Reason 2: I have been born in a family that was severely traumatized by the second World War. My grandfather was a colonel in the army. He escaped prison camp in the Ukrain, walked through Poland to Hungary. When he arrived there the Russians where just invading, so he fled the country with my grandmother, whom he met 2 weeks earlier in Budapest. They survived this journey to England together, where my mother was born. But straight after the war he was sent to Indonesia, where he grew up, to fight in the colonist war.

After this episode in their life, my grandparents moved locations every two years. My mother never finished school and ended up marrying my father, who was her nephew. She simply never staid long enough to meet any other people.

My grandfather was my idol. I loved him deeply. He always told me about the war. About the army. And his teachings about life always ended in him telling me: peace is just a pause between two wars, always remember that.

During my childhood war was a central theme. My mother grew up amongst the army. So she raised us as if we lived in the barracks. Always helping us to grow up as quickly as we could. She was keen on us being independent. Able to take care of ourselves no matter what. And I did just that. No matter what life threw at me, I learnt how to deal with it. By myself mostly.

But the main thing I learnt is that peace is not outside of me. It is in me. The only place there will ever be peace is in here. And in you.

I have come to understand that the ONLY way towards World Peace is by teaching Inner Peace and LOVE.

Only through Inner Peace will we ever be able to truly let go of what we see, and take our own responsibility without blaming anyone or anything.

So that is what I am committed to.

Through my own journey. Learning new things every day.
Through spreading what I learn in my blog, my website, podcasts, video’s.
And through my trainings, teachings, webinars and business schools.

I believe strongly that we need harmonic leaders to pave the way. To truly spread the message.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still learn from life every day, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. If you’re ready to learn how to master your Inner Game, create a context to THRIVE and get Results from your HEART and SOUL, in harmony, love and Inner Peace (versus stress, fighting and fear) then enter your email address below and take the test. It’s FREE!

Too many people are dying with their music still inside. Don’t let that be you!

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